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The New Turnover Chain is here!

What, you thought it was going away? Oh no no no, my friend

The new Turnover Chain
Miami Athletics

Early on in the season-opener against UAB, the Miami Hurricanes debuted the new version of the Touchdown Rings.

It took until game 2, but Miami unveiled the new Turnover Chain after an Al Blades Jr interception shortly before halftime in Miami’s ACC opener against Louisville.

Some notes on the new Turnover Chain, courtesy of Miami Athletics:

The state of Florida “U” charm weighs 300 grams, while the chain itself weighs two kilograms and is about 30 inches long. There are 1,400 sapphire stones in the “U” – half green and half orange. The state of Florida portion of the charm has 1,900 white sapphires.

Turnover Chain 4.0 took roughly three months to complete.

Enough talk; see it for yourself.

The Chain is awesome, but you have eyes so you knew that.

Miami leads Louisville 20-6 at Halftime.

Go Canes