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SOTU Staff Predictions: Miami Hurricanes vs Florida State Seminoles

Time to call our shots for what happens at HRS tomorrow night.

Florida State v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

We meet again, Canes fam! After 2 installments of our round table discussion about Miami-FSU, we now come to the piece you’ve been waiting for: our predictions. Before we get there, let’s go back.

Here’s part 1 of our round table:

Here’s part 2 of our round table:

And now, here are our predictions:

Prediction time. How do you see the game playing out?

Cam Underwood: I don’t think FSU is good AT ALL. I don’t see this game being close for a more than a half, hopefully a quarter if we go out and do what we need to do and handle our business like we should. I know I’ve said I’m tempering my expectations this year, but not this week. This is gonna be blowout city. Gimme Miami 47-17.

Marshall Thomas: It’s Miami-FSU, so I don't listen to the “experts” heading into this particular game. I think it’ll be sloppy at first, but I see the Canes offense clicking in the second half and winning comfortably, something like 31-10.

John Michaels: Closer than the experts think, or Miami fans want. Maybe I have flashbacks of 2018 stuck in my head, or maybe it’s 15 plus years of mediocre football, but this will be a hotly contested contest. Miami will win somewhere in the neighborhood of 31-17, though the score won’t be indicative of how close the game is. D’Eriq King will show he is a true Heisman contender in this one.

Craig T. Smith: I think it comes down to Miami’s defensive line depth vs. FSU’s offensive line. I don’t see how Miami doesn’t have a massive advantage here, especially over the course of the game. They should get James Blackman off his spot and throwing on the run, and where Louisville’s offense was lethal down the field, FSU’s isn’t on the same level. As long as Rhett Lashlee, D’Eriq King, and the Miami offense find the end zone quickly, establish a lead, and don’t follow the all-too-common 2019 script of sleepwalking through the first quarter, Miami should win this one comfortably. Miami 33, FSU 17

Roman Marciante: I think Vegas is completely wrong on this one. Miami is the hungrier team this week and has way more to prove. They didn’t like how they played defensively last week and the offense feels like it has another gear to achieve. FSU is on the wrong side of the tracks this week. Miami 43 FSU 20

Stephan Cheatham: Unpopular Opinion. Blowout. FSU tagged us for two blowouts since 2010. We haven’t won by more than two scores since 2001. We haven’t won by more than that since 1988. This year, of all years, has a massive outlier feel. Covid, no Norvell, Miami’s first extreme offense in 20 years, and an undisciplined Noles team screams blowout. Their best players on defense either don’t guard our best positions (Asante Samuels) or will be negated by the offensive scheme (Marvin Wilson). King hits for five scores, Rooster and Brevin hit for two each, and four turnover chains appear in a 48-9 demolition.

Carl Bleich: Rhett Lashlee and D’Eriq King will continue to earn their keep for Miami. Florida State will key on Miami’s running game and King will pass for 300+ yards and multiple touchdowns. Hurricanes win, Seminoles cover. 31-21, Miami.

Candis McLean: Logistically, I know the matchup hasn’t produced a team scoring over 30 points since 2014. Rivalry games are weird and they’re always tough even on a team’s down year. With that being said, every time I see a media prediction with FSU scoring over 25 points I laugh. The Canes will win the game 30-17.

Jake Marcus: Miami is going to handily roll over FSU. In fact, I feel like this will be a glorified scrimmage at Hard Rock as the offense will be clicking on all cylinders. There may be some issues on defense as the LB and secondary continue to grow into their own, but FSU’s own mistakes will limit any sense of maintaining pace with the Canes. 38-17 Miami.

John Reynolds: I think this game will be closer than many experts and Miami fans think. It’s still early this season and the offense only has two games of experience in a new system, which I think could cause struggles early. I think the Hurricanes win, but it comes down to the end and could go either way, 27-21 Miami.


Who wins the Miami-Florida State rivalry game this year?

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    Miami big (14+)
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    Miami close (1-7)
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  • 37%
    Florida State close (1-7)
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  • 0%
    Florida State big (14+)
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And there you have it. Our picks for Miami-FSU.

You have picks too, so vote in the poll and share them in the comments below. And, who knows, there may even be a gift for the person closest to the actual score. Maybe.

Go Canes