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A Top 5 Trip Down Memory Lane

A look back at some of the great moments in a great rivalry

Miami Hurricanes v Florida State Seminoles Photo by Collegiate Images via Getty Images

It is Miami/FSU week, and there is not any shortage of angles for a rivalry that at one time was the best in all of college football. This Saturday’s game is not as important on the national stage as it has been in years past, but there is no love lost between the two schools. Miami wants nothing more than to win for a fourth straight time, while FSU wants to get their 1st big win of the Mike Norvell era.

This game has always been the barometer of the season if you are a Miami Hurricane. It gives you bragging rights for 365 days, and the ability to laugh at our little brothers to the north.

Thinking about this rivalry has brought back some great and some painful memories, so it is time to give a few Top 5 lists to get the juices flowing.

Top 5 Games

1991 – Wide Right 1, which happened to be #1 vs #2. Miami would win 17-16 after Gerry Thomas missed a potential go ahead field goal. Miami would go on to win the National Championship.

1987 – Danny McManus’ 2-point conversion attempt was batted down by Bubba McDowell as Miami would win 26-25. Remember there were ties back then, and Bobby Bowden, to his credit, tried for the win. Steve Walsh led a furious rally from 19-3 down for the Canes.

1992 – Wide Right 2. Literally the hardest hitting game I have ever seen. Tamarick Vanover’s body might still be laying on the field at the old Orange Bowl after Michael barrow knocked his soul loose. FSU would miss another kick at the buzzer, you guessed it Wide Right and the Canes would win 19-16.

2000 – My 1st live Miami/FSU game, and it was the day Ken Dorsey and Jeremy Shockey etched themselves as Canes legends. Once again FSU missed a potential game tying kick Wide Right as time expired. Miami would win 27-24.

2002 – Miami had to fight back from multiple double-digit deficits and then hold on late. The OB erupted when Willis McGahee took a Ken Dorsey screen pass down the sideline to set up the go-ahead touchdown. FSU would miss a kick this time Wide Left, and Miami would win 28-27

Top 5 Most Disliked Seminoles

Danny Kanell – Probably has more to do with his smug demeanor on social media and radio, but he is the most unlikeable Seminole of all-time. Still love watching Canes DBs picking him off multiple times in the 94 game.

Chris Weinke – Weinke was about 37 by the time he played for FSU, so to see Miami beat him in the 2000 game made up for all of tough times in the late 90’s.

Jameis Winston – Does anything even need to be said about him? He was great, yet really annoying at the same time. Never liked him in Tallahassee or Tampa Bay.

Dalvin Cook – Absolutely respect the heck out of Dalvin Cook’s game, but he almost single handedly beat the Canes every year he was in Tallahassee. If Cook is not at FSU, they never win 7 straight.

Xavier Betia – Something about the way he looked and acted. Bro you are the kicker who never made a big kick against Miami. Wide Left and crying on the field….an image we will never forget.

Top 5 Hits

Sean Taylor on PK Sam – Sean hit PK Sam so hard his body landed in Boca Raton and he looked like a pretzel at the mall food court.

Michael Barrow on Tamarick Vanover – FSU had run the tunnel screen effectively a few times, then Barrow laid the wood.

Stanford Samuels on Roscoe Parrish in 2003. Brock Berlin set Parrish up for failure, and it was ugly.

FSU’s defense on poor Scott Covington – Maybe the lowest point ever as a Miami Hurricane fan watching Scott Covington get bounced off the goal post in Tallahassee.

Ahmmon Richards on an unsuspecting FSU DB – Richards sprung Malik Rosier with a vicious crackback block.

Top 5 Underrated/Forgotten Plays

Florida State Seminoles v Miami Hurricanes Photo by Bernstein Associates/Getty Images

Danny Stubbs interception in the 1987 game which helped spark the Canes rally.

Reggie Wayne 3rd down reception on the game winning drive in the 2000 game.

Gino Torretta to Lamar Thomas to put the Canes ahead in the 4th quarter of the 1992 game.

Braxton Berrios two 3rd down catches on the game winning drive in 2017

Jeff Thomas huge 3rd down catch right before the TD throw to Brevin Jordan in the 2018 comeback.

Some Other Memorable Moments

Santana Moss “Big time Players” quote

Sinorice Moss scoring on the screen to tie in the 2004 game

Carlos Jones pick 6 in the 94 game. I swear the OB moved that night.

Vince Wilfork killing Leon Washington in the Orange bowl rematch in 2004

The Seminole rap….what an utter embarrassment, and musical abomination

Its All About The U