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Miami Hurricanes Ultraboosts are here and they are awesome!

The latest Canes Kicks to hit the market may very well be the best ones yet.

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As you all know, I love sneakers and sneaker culture. I’ve written about Canes Kicks on SOTU before, actually a couple of times, and routinely post the ones I see on Twitter using the #CanesKicks hashtag (which you should maybe just maybe take a look at after reading this piece).

But now my Miami focused friends, we’re going to talk about the brand new Miami Hurricanes Ultrabost PEs. One of several new offerings for adidas-sponsored schools, these shoes are a fresh update to the Ultraboost silhouette that is quickly becoming one of adidas’ signature styles.

These shoes were heavily anticipated by many on social media, with adidas club members getting early access on September 2, and the wide release hitting stores online and in person on September 4. But if you’re a little tardy to the party, there’s no need to worry: you can still get your Miami Hurricanes Ultraboosts!!!!! Simply click the Fanatics link below and they’ll be all yours (once you complete the purchase transaction, of course.

So add this stunning pair of kicks to your Miami-centric rotation and your feet will thank you!

NOTE: Orders containing this product will be shipped no later than Thursday, September 10th.

If you have them already, drop that beautiful shoe pic in the comments section! STUNT ON ‘EM, EVERYBODY!!!

Go Canes