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The New Miami Heart T(H)Rob

The Miami Hurricanes New Defensive Back Coach, Travaris Robinson, Is A Hire to Fall In Love With

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 South Carolina at Georgia

Happy Hanukkah!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Kwanza!

Happy New Year!

Its been a minute fam but were back at! Even though the holidays just wrapped up, the Miami Hurricanes fanbase is already feeling like its Valentines Day. After what has felt like years of crushing on a new defensive backs coach, the Canes faithful have been rewarded, and HANDSOMELY. With Coach Mike Rumph vacating the corner spot and Coach Ephraim Banda taking the Utah State defensive coordinator role, the Hurricanes opened up their hearts (and wallets) to former South Carolina defensive coordinator, Travaris Robinson.

As most college football fans would attest, this is a home run hire, not just for the Miami Hurricanes, but for ANY school in the country seeking the total package from this position. Aside from the overtures of the Miami Hurricanes, Travaris Robinson was being courted by multiple schools, including, but not limited to the Rival Florida Gators and his Alma Mater Auburn Tigers. Not only that, Robinson reportedly interviewed for at least one, if not more, NFL coaching vacancies.

To say this was a massive hiring win, itself, is a massive understatement.

The above statement alone, however, fails to quantify the value that a coach with Travaris Robinson’s resume.

Coaching Philosophy

Bump and Run.



If you want it, you got it! Coach Robinson has made his living teaching his players to perfect the most basic, yet most successful tactics in football history: Man Coverage. As mentioned in the above video, coach Robinson wants to see his defensive backs be physical and aggressive with the opposition. He wants a dog mentality that sees his room draw a line in the sand and compete, doing everything in there power to take away the receivers advantage. One thing mentioned by Coach Robinson is the percentage of how often he likes to run man: 60-70% Why is that significant? As referenced by Manny Navarro in a write in the Athletic, during Manny Diaz’ time as primary defensive playcaller, he ran man coverages 53% of the time. It would seem, schematically, this is definitely a strong match for Manny’s defense.

More than anything else, Coach Robinson is ALL about competition, a common word and theme around the mentality coach Diaz has been trying to instill in the program as he and the staff work to bring Miami back to the standard previously set. Look no further than fan favorite and Miami Hurricane record holder, Ahmmon Richards of Legendary Sports on what to expect from Coach Robinson at Greentree during the coming spring and fall practices:



If there was one thing never truly in question during Coach Mike Rumph’s tenure as the Miami Hurricanes Cornerback’s coach, it was his ability to coach the position. Coach Rumph did well to advance the ability of most players that walked into the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Locker Room, whether it was refining the skills of a highly touted Artie Burns or molding the likes of a Micheal Jackson into an NFL draft pick, the work put in by coach Rumph was apparent.

The problem? Too often, more time was spent training the diamond in the rough rather than refining an established gem. That all came to a head this season when coach Rumph lost Christian Williams, could only rotate 3-4 players and had only one commit, who is learning the position in his senior year while doubling as a receiver.

This is where Miami is looking to get the biggest bang for its assuredly large buck with Travaris Robinson. A quick look at Coach Robinson’s top 5 all time recruits shows his recruiting chops.

But Wait! There’s more!

What do we see?

Well for one, TONS of defensive back recruits. Inclusive of All Americans, All Conference, NFL Players and Pro Bowlers. So we know he can recruit, and at a high level. Oh and that prominent “P” on the right hand side of most of those players? That stands for primary recruiter. That means he doesn’t need help. That means the Pop Cooneys, Telly Lockettes and DeMarcus Van Dykes of the world can be more valuable, rather than picking up slack. Oh, and yes, you DO see more than JUST cornerbacks. You see safeties, linebackers, running backs, defensive tackles (a five star at that) among the many cornerbacks. THAT means, not only is he not a liability, but that he can help your other staff in their endeavors too.

One last, teeny, tiny, blink and you’ll miss item? HE’S FROM MIAMI. Don’t think that matters? Roll back through that list and tell me how many FL players you can count from South Florida? Don’t want to? I did it for you - EIGHTEEN. That's more than one South Florida commit for every year he has been COACHING (14 years).

Now, he is firmly entrenched in an area he has flourish in. An area that is home to:

  • CB - Earl Little Jr
  • CB - Trevell Mullen
  • CB - Alfonzo Allen

And if we understand he can recruit VERY WELL outside of the defensive backs room:

  • OT - Julian Armella
  • WDE - Dante Anderson
  • LB - Wesley Bissainthe
  • WDE - Kenyatta Jackson
  • WDE - Marvin Jones

And - Drum Roll..........the number 5 recruit in the NATION, Shemar Stewart.

Does this mean we will suddenly get EVERY single tope south florida recruit? No.

But we will be squarely in play for even more high level players than we saw in the 2021 class.

Get ready for a fun ride, because the Canes are ready for business.

First target? Tyrique Stevenson Me.


Go Canes.