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It Doesn’t MATTER What YOU Think!

As Much As We The Fans Want To Be Sold On The Canes, Its The Opinion Of This Group That Matters Most

Louisville at Miami Daniel A. Varela/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Let’s set the tone shall we?

(Warning: this is written, in satire, from the angle of a voice mimicking the personality portrayed by Dwayne Johnson, on WWE programming. If you don’t have a sense of humor, this article may not be for you.)

(Warning: This is written with satire from the point of view of a personality mimicking The Rocks WWE portrayal. If you don’t have a sense of humor, this may not be your kind of piece.)

Now that you got your nose wet peaking in here, let me reiterate, when it comes to the Miami Hurricanes Program, Dwayne ““The Rock” Johnson said it best:

It Doesn’t MATTER What You Think!

Now to all the Billy’s, and Mary’s and so and so’s that apparently know best about a situation you spend 2 hours a week tweeting about, guess what, if your name isn’t:

James Williams

Leonard Taylor

Shemar Stewart

Earl Little

or any other prospective or incoming player, sorry, your general opinion DOES, NOT, MATTER.

Oh your name is Barry and you think you know what’s what, when’s best and who’s right? Or you’re Stephan Urkel, you write a couple sentences, quote a few numbers and now your opinion is end all be all? Oh wait, you used to be a part of the program last century but you stepped in dog poop so you need to pop off?

Nope, nope and, even still, nnnope.

The fact of the matter is, as fans, writers, former players turned long distant observers, unfortunately, the moves that Manny Diaz and company are not made to bend the knee to you. They’re made to get the most bad ass, business decision making, open field tackling shaking, high flying, profiling recruits and players in the most competitive sport in the most competitive country in the world.

I can write a soliloquy about T-Rob or a diatribe about Manny Diaz but quite frankly that’s dirt on the shoes of reality. This is a business and whether we want to believe it or not Manny Diaz is in the business of winning.

(If that Charlie Sheen spot triggered you, I’m sorry but YOU are not winning.)

If you haven’t caught on by now, it’s all about the RECRUITS opinion of the program, not ours.

You see, the game is played on a 100 yard long, 160 foot wide green patch of grass that most folks with every opinion in the book truly know very little about. The nuances, the pains, the triumphs, the agonizingly long hours it takes to just be AVERAGE at it. We know next to nothing about what it REALLY is.

You know who does know?


The real ones? They know snakes. The real ones? They know where to go and where not to go. A video that made the rounds over the weekend of Nick Saban’s sales pitch (pure gold) gives us an idea; players want to win. They want to feel real energy, real sense of opportunity. Not just to be the guy but to be a part of something.

Now, I hear you in the back, ““Well what about so-and-so on the team who just wants to be the guy and not work for it?”

What about them? You think that because we’ve seen something on tv or on Twitter or on ESPN that depicts 30 seconds of an individual or a situation that we have more than an iota of what’s going on? Because we don’t. We don’t know what players are going through, or what coaches are doing to change players or situations around that player or between that player and the team.

The off-season, as much as we might love to call it a false positive, is maybe more important than what happens on field, because it directly feeds it.

Getting a Lashlee, a Field, a Justice, a KING changes the opinions that matter.

Romello Brinson? Remember FIU and Romello chucking the deuce (decommitting)? There’s no recommitment if Enos is still here, or if King isn’t here, or if there isn’t a REAL commitment to excellence at Miami.

Avantae Williams? Not a Cane if Ed Reed isn’t on campus. you can take that to the bank. Same can be said for James and Leonard. If you want to call it COVID I call you sick because they could go ANYWHERE regardless of a pandemic. If you followed along you’d know that.

They SEE more than we do. There IN it, we just look on, clap our hands and tweet about it.

If that can be said about last “off season”, how can we act as if we know better this off season? A nearly clean slate on the defensive side doesn’t matter to you? Bringing on proven coaches, elite coaches, isn’t real to you? Doesn’t mean anything to you?

Again, IT DOESN’T MATTER, what you think. Sorry not sorry. The opinions that do matter?

Marvin Jones, who is getting hit up regularly already by the new staff. Jaheim Singletary, who is thrusting UM into his top schools at the inclusion of the proven Travaris Robinson.

The type of recruits Miami NEEDS in order to take the next step are now doing more than just listing Miami, they see it as a desired destination. The same way players saw the moves last year, is the same way these win now mentality moves will make waves this year.

Whether we give credit we’re it’s due, It Doesn’t Matter. The ones that need to notice have, and quite frankly I can smell what’s the (Hard) Rock cooking too.

Go Canes