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Storm Center, October 1st: Miami loses to Virginia

Canes are collecting L’s like they’re going for Jordans on SNKRS

NCAA Football: Virginia at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Hey. Wassup. Hello. Time for our daily Canes piece. So, here we go:

Miami loses to Virginia 30-28

So. Yeah. Miami went up against an extra regular Virginia Cavaliers team on Thursday night, and left with a 30-28 loss that will do nothing but turn up the volume on the program.

Bad, bad, bad.

What’s worse than losing to a team that was 0-3 in conference coming into Thursday night? Having no rebuttal when they talk shit. And please believe, they talked cash shit.


You either coach the behavior, or you allow it to happen

I saw this come down the timeline during the game, a game in which Miami never held the lead. Remember this when you click the link below:

Again, I’ve been a proponent of ending the turnover chain and touchdown rings schtick. I’ve said it multiple times, another contributor wrote it one time, and it’s in some measure to avoid stupid stuff like this.

You’re down in the game. You just made A play. But like, you’re gonna do all this stunting.....while losing? I’m disgusted. This is so bad. I really truly hate it. And this, to me, is a clear picture of the mentality and culture in and around the program that needs to be erased.

Haven’t put up, so......

We’ve had a bunch of great contributors here at State of the U recently. One of my favorites, KappaCane, when he’s not in the kitchen whipping up some tasty food, took some time out to write this piece about Manny Diaz. 2 years ago.

Kappa gave Manny 2 options. Put up, or shut up. And well, since it’s clear that he hasn’t put up......

I.....should probably go to sleep since it’s 3am.

But yeah. Things in the Hecht Athletic center are not great at the moment.

We’ll talk about how not great in a bit.

Happy Friday everybody!

Go Canes