Death Becomes U

Gotta be honest, I didn't think I would be sitting here this morning with the energy to type anything. I slept off a lot of alcohol, had several nightmares (oddly enough about the Canes), and that game yesterday just all felt like a bad dream.

To be honest, I feel numb. I had to explain to my fiance what this means, why I was feeling the way I was feeling, why watching a worldwide brand that was homegrown in my back yard crumble to the earth is so heart breaking. I just... damn.

Manny, I said what I said, you gotta run the table and win the ACCCG. On literally the first game of ACC play, you lose, to a team w/ less talent, to big plays from a player on defense FROM Miami, to one of the worst defenses in the ACC, let alone the NCAA, because of a safety. WE LOST BECAUSE OF A SAFETY, amongst many other things, because our OC decided it was a good idea to do a run play when our run game has been absolute shit this season.

Sure, you played the young guys, but we lost. We lost Manny. I can't even watch the pressers, I can't, but I heard you said something to the effect of "we were on the verge of doing something very special tonight but we came up short". Are you fucking serious dude? Come the fuck on.

If you truly care about this team, you'll rescind your buyout and resign today, cause you clearly don't give a shit about winning football games, and you've told us through your actions that you don't care about winning at all. You're comfortable with opponents Twitter accounts completely shitting on and memeing us constantly. It's humiliating, and I think it's time you left us alone and rode off into the sunset. Thanks for the 2 great recruiting classes, not gtfo.

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