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Student of the Game Film Review Series: Miami vs. UVA

The Miami Hurricanes lost in heartbreak fashion. The game came down to the right foot of a freshman kicker but so many things did not go well for the Hurricanes prior. Bronco and the UVA boys survive a thriller in Miami.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 30 Virginia at Miami Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes lost 30-28 in heartbreaking fashion. The east end zone was simply cursed for the Hurricanes on Thursday night. The Virginia Cavaliers benefited from a safety, a fluke TD and ultimately a kicked football that kissed the left upright. Bronco Mendenhall and the hoo boys escaped Hard Rock Stadium with a win.

Protection issues continue to plague this offensive line. Early on in the contest on third down a zone blitz essentially confused the Hurricanes. When three offensive linemen decide to block one guy, it means someone else is stuck holding the bag. Big 55 with a monumental task of taking on two defenders by himself and the result was a batted ball.

Tyler Van Dyke made his first start vs. an ACC opponent. Van Dyke was 15/29 with one rushing and one passing touchdown. The freshman had some really good flashes of arm talent and higher level quarterback play. Sure, there was some throws and plays he would also like to have back.

In this case when the Miami offensive line can get the protection right, you see this Tyler Van Dime to Mike Harley. A mirrored smash concept that he throws perfectly where only his receiver can catch it. #Bang!

The defense was a hot mess at times. The missed tackle machine once again reared its ugly head but that was not the biggest miss on the night. Every time the Hurricanes missed on an interception opportunity Virginia made the Hurricanes pay. Two passing touchdowns for Brennan Armstrong were immediately after (or during) a pick opportunity.

Miami isn’t good enough to miss opportunities or make continual mistakes and expect to win. They haven’t. Manny Diaz in year three is off to a 2-3 start and the song taps is getting louder by the second. Is the Diaz experiment coming to an end?

This Student of the Game film session will not be a glowing endorsement for the first time head coach. The canes came out ill prepared and made tons of mistakes. For essentially the fourth time in four opportunities vs. FBS opponents I give the coaching check mark to the other squad.

Popcorn and pencil time. Let’s go under the hood for our weekly checkup. I hope you have thick skin. The end of this video ends with a missed kick. #gocanes #bang #doink