#BeatUNC a rare game day cooking segment from Kc

Not gonna be much to this segment gentlemen. I did some NC style pulled pork, and some NC style coleslaw. Got me a Boston Butt this time for the deed, and I gotta say, consistency is perfect. For the drink I got some Hi-Wire lo-pitch IPA from NC and I got some Mango/Mint Honey Infused rum I'm testing out for the wedding.

Tbh, outside of the joy I have from cooking, I don't know what to expect from this game. Going in with zero expectations and I'm gonna be pulling for our boys, hoping we pull out the W in a more convincing fashion than we have been. Some might say that's ridiculous, but hey, I can't help it. I'm from Miami, the chip on the shoulder mentality is in my veins. I've been doubted before, I can still remember struggling in college, getting kicked out for academics, coming back to finish my degree, then it taking a whole year and 600+ job apps before I finally found gainful employment (and out of all those apps, only about 6 interviews). I can remember feeling less than a lot of times in my life. Sure, I got over it, but I never forgot that feeling and it motivates me to this day.

Let's hope our young men feel the same motivation to put on that U today. LET'S GO CANES!!!

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