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Storm Center, October 23: Another game day, another chance to make a move

Welcome to game day, canes!

NCAA Football: Miami at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to Miami Hurricanes game day, everybody!

After a narrow loss on the road at North Carolina, the Miami Hurricanes return home to Hard Rock Stadium to take on another Carolina team: the NC State Wolfpack. Miami’s season has not been going the way anyone expected, and that’s putting it mildly, so a win here today would be a very, very welcomed sight.

Film Preview

Another week, another chance to learn something about the game we love. Here’s Justin Dottavio with your X’s and O’s preview for tonight’s game. What can Miami do to replicate the offensive success from last year at NC State (and last week at Carolina)? How can the Canes slow down NC State’s rushing attack, or QB Devin Leary, or both? How will Miami be able to pull off an upset over a ranked team? What are the Canyonero Keys to Victory? Click the link and find out:

The Blake James PR Tour Continues

Miami Athletic Director Blake James has been incredibly calculated in his movements recently. He’s been absent under fire as the football program continues to falter, and that’s nothing to speak of basketball or baseball, either.

James has been very selective of when, and to whom, he’s spoken recently. Multiple journalists have taken to social media to voice their displeasure with James denying their interview requests, only to have the Canes’ AD hand select other journalists to speak with. Yesterday, Chris Stock from Inside The U noted that James denied his in-person interview request at the Canes’ Hoops exhibition game on Wednesday, only to see James speak on the phone to a hand-selected group of journalists on Friday.

This is just the latest in Miami’s very carefully crafted public relations strategy this season. Journalists and bloggers from other outlets have voiced their displeasure over being passed over for questions at football zoom press conferences, and other interview requests have been summarily denied. Add this to the long line of bad looks from Miami Athletics this year, both on the field, and off.

As far as what James said on Friday, here’s a couple tweets from Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press:

When asked directly if Manny Diaz would finish the season as Miami’s Head Coach, James again used his PR skills to answer the question, but not directly.

Here’s a full rundown of what James said from Andrea Adelson of ESPN.

This is almost as frustrating as the football team’s losing on the field. At some point, the losses have to tell the story here. LSU fired their coach — and rightfully so — after a WIN over a ranked opponent. USC has long since cut bait on their coach whose tenure was not up to their standard....but FAR BETTER than what Miami is seeing from Diaz.

Blake James is well within his right to hand select who he speaks to to cultivate the image of Miami he likes. But more losses from the football team are going to force his hand, and I’m very interested to see what happens then.

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That’s it.

See you guys at HRS later tonight.

Go Canes