For the love of Plantains #BeatNCState

It's the first time in a while I'll be watching the game alone. Fiance is off to enjoy her bachelorette festivities, our usual friends who come by to eat are out and about today, and so I'm taking this opportunity to meditate and relax in private, in hopes that we pull out a big W for ONCE.

Hasn't been easy, hasn't been easy for any of us. We're all in different stages of grief, but if any lesson has been taught in the past year and change, it's that life is much grander and bigger and at the same time shorter than we give it credit for. So in celebration of life, and those of us still blessed to be here, I'll be making some good old PR/Latino food today. I'm talking Tostones, Arroz con Pollo sent over from my mom and some marinated flank steak w/ fresh chimichurri sauce.

I'll be pairing this with a Malbec I picked up from Costco this morning, and possibly cap that off with a couple beers and my latest infusion "Caribbean Cognac" (Smoked Oak, Vanilla and Cherries in Rum) mixed with Sweet Tea

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