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SOTG Film Review Series: Miami Hurricanes vs NC State

The Miami Hurricanes needed that one. Tyler Van Dyke catches fire and leads the Hurricanes to a 31-30 win vs. the North Carolina State Wolfpack.

NC State v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

You catch the attention of the entire nation when you call out one of the leading defenses in the country. Even after freshman quarterback Tyler Van Dyke and the Hurricanes amassed 31 points vs. the wolfpack defense, NC State is still allowing only 16.7 points a game.

Van Dyke was 25-33 for 325 yards four touchdowns with zero interceptions. So what happened? TVD found his confidence early is what happened. The gunslinger was looking off safeties, finding the mismatches and throwing with as much arm confidence as you will see from a young quarterback.

The Hurricanes also figured out that protection is paramount. The tempo slowed down (Miami won the time of possession battle 31:30 vs 28:30) and the offensive line worked in much better harmony with the running backs to provide TVD ample time. Was it perfect protection? No. But was it remarkably better? Yes.

I blew a gasket. I did. When the Miami offensive coordinator called a simple stop on a critical fourth down last week vs. the UNC Tar Heels I just felt you needed more from him. There is no current metric that grades a play call that doesn’t involve an arm chair but consider the alternative.

Miami on 4th and 1 utilizes 12 set personnel and isolates a linebacker on Jaylen Knighton. The personnel choice allowed Miami the option to attack a weakness with a strength. The call was also advantageously aggressive and the pass strength was heavily set to the field. The net result was the running back wheel route that went for the score.

“Getting into your bag.” That is what that fourth down touchdown was. You cannot be an offense that heavily relies on simple offense alone. During critical moments of the game, red zone, third downs you have to be able to draw up plays like that from time to time in order to increase the odds in your favor.

Sure, the touchdown was a result of some quarterback anticipation and touch but it was the coordinator’s ability to draw it up with intention that payed the most dividends. Miami will need more of that in the immediate future and beyond. The overreliance of simple offense was an indictment under the Richt years as well.

In closing, the defense has an emotional trendsetter on its hands. James Williams is the havoc agent of change that was so desperately needed on that side of the ball. His ability to be in multiple positions and factor from anywhere is actually the aspect opposing offensive coordinators will have to game plan around.

So much fun this week in this edition of Student of the Game. Grab your pencils and your popcorn as we will yell BANG!!! multiple times in this one. TVD called his shot and just held the follow through for good measure. U down this NC State. #BANG #GOCANES