Here We Go Again, Let the Bitching Commence

I watch the weekly presser from Manny & Co today, I give it a listen. I'm like "ok, cool, but hey none of this means anything until we beat Pitt, and then beat GT and etc etc etc..." I move on with my day, but a small miniscule microscopic part of my soul is keeping a flame alive after the NC St win. A flame that burns for this season, for these younger players that played hard, and for the unity in the locker room that folks claimed AGAIN and AGAIN wasn't there.

I say it again, as my disclaimer that yes, Manny has a ton to do to make up for the horrid start to this season or he should be fired, and do I think he's capable? Probably not.

ANYWAYS, so I listen to this presser, move on with my day. Bubba's out? Wish him the best. Sheldrick Redwine signing with the Dolphins? Cool cool.

THEN, I see on Twitter that suddenly all the "experts" and "fans" are taking offense at a comment Manny made that THEY think implies he's solely blaming the fans for recruiting not being successful. Are you fucking kidding me?

Let me give you the direct quote, because I got the video up now, and I'm really irritated about this:

"When we don't play well, certainly that's gonna provide some challenges, and the challenges come from the teams that recruit against us. There's a lot of reasons to recruit against the University of Miami. Everyone that comes down here wants to see us fail, but that's another layer to when we turn on ourselves. When I say we, meaning Miami. When we turn against our program, all we do is scare recruits away. That's all we do. All we do is make it more difficult to recruit down here, instead of the opposite... and I get it, I know the results have to be there, it's a results business, I understand that, but the results come as the recruits come, and you're seeing that this year."

And then talks about the impact the freshmen are making and the difference.

Ok, so multiple things to unpack here. First, for a fanbase that doesn't believe what this man says, they sure love picking and choosing what to be butt hurt about. If the man said, "I'm glad the fans are mad. I'm mad too, but I'm gonna fix it" y'all would hate that too, keep calling him a politician even though him and his dad were never that close growing up, but okay, w/e. Second, context wise this is one question/statement in a 25, 30 minute Q&A, I don't think Manny Diaz's main blame is on the fans in any way shape or form. I'm sure given the fact that unlike Golden he's from Miami and that he cares that he's aware of how bad things are. I HIGHLY doubt the man is saying fan attendance and the toxicity of the fan base main reason why we can't get recruits, but once again, Canes Twitter gets a fiery baton, they run with that mfer 'til their hands melt.

I'm just saying guys, I'm mad, I'm disappointed in the season, in Manny, but we just WON A GAME AGAINST A RANKED OPPONENT for the first time in a while. Not even 3 days later and folks are already taking any quote they can get their hands on so they can say "WAAAAAA, MANNY SAY WE MESS UP THE PROGRAM. WAAAA. FIRE MANNY. WAAAA".

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