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Storm Center, October 29th: Heat Check, AD talk, and more

A whole lot to talk about from yesterday

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday! The weekend is nearly here! So let’s celebrate the end of the week by starting our day with some Canes, shall we?

Hot Seat Heat Check

Took me a while longer than I wanted, but I’ve been thinking about Manny Diaz. Not about his coaching, but about how hot is his hot seat? So, I set out to create a new weekly features: the Hot Seat Heat Check! Dive into it with a recap of the year so far, and get my thoughts on how hot is hot at the moment. Then of course, share your thoughts in the comments. There’s already a lively conversation ongoing, so hop in there. I’m SURE you have thoughts.

Blake James in the spotlight, too

If you thought that Manny Diaz was the only one playing with fire, you’re sadly mistaken, my friend.

In his once-monthly-ish piece of commentary, JuiceFrom300 said the quiet part loud and made the clear and passionate case for Blake James to resign from his position as Athletic Director at the University of Miami. I won’t spoil JP’s very clear point here, but there’s more wrong with Athletics than just football losing games.

But wait; there’s more.

Later on in the afternoon, not too long after we posted JP’s piece (which you can read by clicking the link above), David Lake from 247sports posted this piece regarding Miami’s AD that is a doozy, as well. ($) I’m not going to give away the information behind the paywall, but if JP’s piece got the ball from the goal line to the 20, Lake’s was an explosive play from the 20 to the opposite 20. LOTS HAPPENED over there. So be sure you check it out.

Isn’t sports fun, kids?

Pittsburgh Film Preview

I love learning more about stuff, and Justin Dottavio’s Film Preview piece every week is a must-read for me. It’s a great look ahead to the schemes that both teams in the upcoming game will use to fight for victory. And the Canyonero Keys to Victory makes me laugh every week. IDK why, but that same damn joke gets me every time.

With no further ado, check it out for yourself. You’ll like it, I promise.

Blips on the Radar

That’s it for today. Make it a fantastic Friday, everybody!


Go Canes