U Misery Index: How To Enjoy This Season

In this COVID era it was especially nice to start the season with no restrictions at Hard Rock and a pre-season Top 25 ranking. King I was on the Heisman short list. The O-line was viewed as potentially one of the best in the country. Ten or eleven wins were in direct line of sight. ACC Championship game was calling. But nooooooo. Here we are again - miserable. Another underqualified coach walked in the revolving U door for underqualified coaches. But all is not lost. There is still a way to enjoy the season.

Step 1 - Accept the fact that this team is not good. Expect a loss each game.

Step 2 - Accept the fact that this program is not good.

Step 3 - Tailgate every game whether it be at a stadium or at home. Eat, drink and be merry.

Step 4 - Look for the potential in the freshmen and sophomores. Imagine they are your son or nephew or cousin.

Step 5 - Find a secondary team to root for for the remainder of the season. I suggest Oregon since Cane Cristobal is coaching.

Step 6 - Enjoy the fact that spectators are back in the stands in the COVID era. Last year sucked.

Step 7 - Understand that eventually Canes will be good again. It may not be within the next three seasons, but eventually it will happen.

So there you have it. Seven steps to Cane watching enjoyment.

Go Canes!

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