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Storm Center, October 5th: UNC game Kickoff time and TV options announced; some eye-opening numbers for the Canes thru 5 games

Big game coming up NEXT weekend

NCAA Football: Virginia at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday. Let’s get it started.

Kickoff time and Television options for North Carolina game unveiled

We’re a week away, but Miami at North Carolina is setting up to be a big, BIG game for the Canes and their embattled coach. On Monday afternoon, kickoff time and TV options for this game were announced:

3:30pm kickoff works. Afternoon kick into the evening to finish under the lights is fine. And the game will be played on some variety of national television, with the options being ESPN, ESPN2, or ACC Network for the game.

For those wondering about the other games that are in the conversation for these channels at this same time here we go:

With those as the other available options in this TV window, that means either Miami-Carolina or Pitt-VT will be on ACCN. For me personally, I’d rather the game be on the biggest stage possible, so whatever happens happens on a channel that everyone can see, and thus no one can hide from. Looking at you, unnamed sources in the Miami Athletic department who leaked that Diaz’s buyout is $8M and thus too big for Miami to part ways with the coach during the season.

No matter the channel, this will be a VERY INTERESTING GAME for Miami.


Oh, and for those wondering, the TV lineup for these games will be finalized after this weekend’s games. So expect the placement to be final sometime Sunday afternoon.

Blips on the Radar

Justin Dottavio wrote this bemoaning the bye week blues

and Craig T. Smith had plenty to ponder in yesterday’s Monday Musings.

And lastly, some stats for you to marinate on.

Y-I-K-E-S to all of that. Whew. We’re gonna have to dig more into that through the week.

That’s it for today kiddos. Make it a terrific Tuesday!

Go Canes