Barry's Article Discussion and Venting

Good day to all,

It's the middle of the week, another week and a half before we see the Canes do what I hope is a version of playing the game of football. Anyhow, this Barry Jackson article game out. You can read it if you have a Miami Herald subscription by clicking here.

For those who don't have a subscription, the article is causing a stir. Basically, there was an intense fight involving several veteran players on defense/offense during practice. What initiated the fight was that players were being punished for laziness/inadequacies during practice, in part because of the UVA loss, and a scuffle ensued where players were forced to continue running sprints and such because of another players laziness. Blah blah blah, let's cut to the two main points of this article:

  • Barry frames the article as positive, because after the fight several players held a no coaches meeting to hash out issues and come to a resolution, the idea being that at least they haven't given up, and it may give them inspiration/motivation to play hard next weekend.
  • The article makes mention of a team meeting w/ Manny after the aforementioned no coach meeting in which Manny uses the metaphor of child birth to describe the beginning of this season, saying it's the pain before the miracle.
Now, here are my questions since this seems to be irritating people on Twitter who have nothing better to do than nit pick every single comment and make it negative:

A) What do you expect Manny to do? Is that really such a bad metaphor? Does it matter what he says (honestly people would criticize anything coming off of green tree at this point)? Barry said he has some sort of source who got the quote, and I love Barry's work (it's why I have a subscription, no offense to Susan).

B) What are the odds this means anything and/or causes a change of what we expect next weekend?

I know that makes me come across as an optimist, so I have to reiterate, I'm not happy with Manny Diaz, I don't think is the guy, but I'm seeing a lot of Monday morning takes on every single goddamn thing that comes out of Miami rn, and the same people talking shit about Tua and Brian Flores on the Dolphins. That level of negativity w/ a lack of qualification is irritating me, to be perfectly honest. Seriously, to the Dolphins convo, I'm still Team Tua, and Team Flores, idk who the fuck these people criticizing them are other than disgruntled man babies bitching about our lack of success stretching into the distant past.

I GET IT, WE'RE LOSING, WE'RE GETTING SHAT ON, STOMPED ON, LAUGHED AT. I. GET. IT. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA DO TO CHANGE THAT? Bitch more? Does that make you feel better when you're negative take from 5 sec ago gets proven right? Are you a fucking football genius now? Cause I guarantee, we get a knew Dolphins HC, they'll be bitching about him in year 2, so where the hell does this shit end? There's a difference between adding pressure and being a sour piece of excrement every time things don't go well for your team. Jesus.

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