For the Bitchers and Whiners

Whine, complain, gripe and cry. When Canes are playing that's all you do, BW. Bitch and whine. Never mind the good plays. It's only the bad plays you see. It's only the bad plays you write.

BW, in the first half of FSU, you were loud and proud. Canes were struggling. "Canes suck." "Fire iaz." In the second half of FSU, you were invisible. Nowhere to be found. Silence. Canes were rebounding.

Well, I'm going to bitch and whine about you, BW. You wanted Canes to lose so that Coach Diaz would be closer to being fired. You call yourself a fan but you wanted the Canes to lose. That is oxymoronic, moron. Canes had won three in a row but that wasn't good enough. You still bitched and whined in those wins. Only an undefeated season, a national championship and an average victory margin of 77 will satisfy you. Well I have news for you, BW. It ain't gonna happen.

Canes are back to normal. Canes are back to pre-1980s Canes. This is how it was. 6 wins. 7 wins. 8 wins. That was the norm. The period of 1980 to 2002 was an anomaly. Canes recruited where they hadn't before. In the backyard. It worked. Then everyone else got hip to it.

South Florida top athletes are highly recruited to schools like Bama, Georgia, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and the like. When these athletes go to those schools and are on the sideline and then go to HardRock on the sideline, it is no comparison. At a typical SEC or Big Ten game there are well over 80,000 fans. The stadium is on campus. Then that same recruit goes to HardRock. 20,000 fans. Empty seats. Not on campus.

Then there is the practice facility. Canes IPF is a VW. SEC practice facilities are Ferarris.

Then there are the athletic budgets. Again, no contest. Chump change.

So BW, bitch and whine all you want. I'll keep bitching and whining about your bitching and whining. Because the simple fact is that the Shannons, Goldens and Diazes are as good as it's going to get. The University of Miami head coaching job is not attractive to top talent. Kiffin? No. Cristobal? No. Not going to happen. So go ahead and fire Diaz. You'll be bitching and whining about the next hire 20 minutes into the gig of the next coach.

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