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Breaking: Blake James out as University of Miami Athletic Director

University of Miami Introduces Manny Diaz Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It finally happened. Per multiple reports, Blake James is OUT as the athletic director at the University of Miami.

This had become a necessity for an athletic department that has been circling the drain for a while now. The three primary men’s sports programs have fallen off a cliff on James’ watch. Former AD Shawn Eichorst hired Jim Larranaga in 2011, and the basketball program took off, winning the ACC tournament and making the Sweet 16 in 2013. The team also made the Sweet 16 in 2016. However, the program has fallen on extremely hard times in the years since, and it’s been apparent that a move has been needed for awhile, which was never made by James.

James’ football and baseball hires were comfortable and quick ones from within that have not panned out. While James did bring in Mark Richt in a move that I will say was a good one, his hire of Manny Diaz was panicked and ultimately the wrong one. Gino DiMare was also an internal hire, and so far has not appeared to be a particularly good one, with the Canes falling short of the Super Regionals in each of his seasons to date.

There has been no report yet as to the future of Diaz. Stay tuned to State of the U for updates.