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X’s and Ro Video Mailbag Series: Post FSU Recap

The University of Miami fired athletic director Blake James and that still didn’t erase the fact they lost to FSU. Someone also wanted to know why 99% of the fans desired Mario Cristobal to be the next Miami head coach.

Miami v Miami
Shoe Stealer
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

So many questions this week that it felt like a hellacious pass rush. FSU’s Jermaine Johnson took up prime real estate in the Miami Hurricane backfield last weekend. What are some things that Rhett Lashlee could have done to negate him?

Truth is you can never truly eliminate a play maker completely especially when Johnson was hell bent on destruction. The Hurricanes chipped him with double teams and went in the complete opposite direction leaving him free to get upfield. Neither seemed to work.

And what about Manny Diaz and the blitz? When Zach McCloud leads the team with 4.5 half sacks, Diaz has not had the luxury of a dominant pass rusher this season. The blitz often comes and the opposing team knows it.

Back to back weeks and you will see the same style of blitz get victimized for big plays. There can always be little tells a blitz is coming if you look hard enough but you don’t have to look very hard when it’s Diaz’s own track record.

Finally someone wanted to know why 99% of the Miami Hurricane fan base wanted Mario Cristobal as its head coach. If you look at track record Miami has had this propensity to go in the opposite direction after a firing.

After homegrown Randy Shannon, new blood was brought in with mid major bred Al Golden. Then back to a homegrown proven guy in Mark Richt. Now after the Manny Diaz experiment is coming to an end, a guy who actually has won his conference and isn’t an FSU alum is emerging as top prize.

Popcorn and pencils friends. The FSU post recap show is upon us.