Is Eddy A Super Hero?

Yes, Eddy has been ranting quite vociferously of late - but that may be because there is so much to vociferate about. Isn't that the American way?

Thank goodness for people like Batman, Superman, Plastic Man, Popeye, Stan Lee's Iron Man, etc., people who stood up and accepted no truck with evil mediocrity.

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it - and Eddy's accepted the challenge.

And Eddy is the right man for the job - he's been honing his vociferocity skills for many years now. Here's a 5 year old John Yonko article from Miami YearBook that demonstrates the point:


Eddy's Outrage Triggers 147 Comments

Beat That!

When local high school football player Nick Roberts decided it might be in his best interests to decommit from signing with the Miami Hurricanes and reopen his football recruitment, a brief notice of the decommitment was published by editor Cam Underwood in the State of the U dot com blog.

Here's the link to the original SOTU article:

Eddy Hijacks the Thread After the 3rd Comment

It didn't take long for one of SOTU's frequent comment bloggers - Edster3607 - to hijack the thread and turn it into a rant of his own dealing with a popular Florida State Seminole blog and its senior editor, Bud Elliot.

Quite a stretch to jump from Nick Roberts to Bud Elliot, but that's what Eddy did. At the time, there were only three comments appended to the Underwood article, but the commenting floodgates were opened wide when Eddy added the fourth. Seems that Editor Elliot had been blocking Canes fans from commenting in his publication, and deleting their existing comments as well, unsportsmanlike hostile acts infuriating Eddy and many other Canes trolls.

Elliot's blocking and deleting actions, viewed as childish and negative by many Canes fans, had the positive effect of inspiring 147 additional comments under the Roberts decommitment notice bringing the grand total of comments appended to the otherwise innocuous post to 151 - quite an accomplishment.


Is Eddy just Eddy - or, should it be, Eddy Rantman, TNM Super Hero ! (Truck No Mediocrity)

Can it be that all you guys moaning and groaning about Eddy's rants are just jealous?

We need a poll.

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