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Student of the Game Film Review: Miami vs. Virginia Tech

The Miami Hurricanes beat the Virginia Tech Hokies 38-26. Tyler Van Dyke was very good again and water, like the continuous rain that invaded Hard Rock Stadium, stays wet.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Van Dyke was 19/33 with 357 yards passing, three touchdowns and zero interceptions versus the Hokies last Saturday night. Never mind the fact the Homestead air force base was being notified for rocketed projectiles in the area, the ability to refrain from turnovers during a torrential downpour was impressive.

Rhett Lashlee and the emerging strategy to look deep while max protection schemes provide the time for his quarterback are starting to provide dividends. I often get the sense when I watch it live that the Hurricanes are just chucking it down field but on review that is far from the case.

Every shot down field is a calculated and intentional manufactured master plot. Van Dyke is surgical with his deep ball accuracy and his confidence in letting it fly is unfathomably unparalleled. There is also something else that should have Hurricane fans super excited.

On Brashard Smith’s 75 yard touchdown, a great creative play that was highlighted with field spread and isolating wide receiver speed from the running back position, it was youthful. Five out of the six skill position guys on that play (1 QB, 2 WR, 1 RB, 1 TE) were freshman.

The greatest play all year from the linebacker position happened this week. Ryan Ragone absolutely saved a touchdown. From the middle linebacker position he was able to diagnose a throwback screen and beat a two for one for the stop.

Virginia Tech used motion from the boundary to get the cornerback to reallocate in man coverage on the number two wide receiver. The Hokies sold the play action hard to the field side and the play was designed perfectly. Ragone was just better.

Some odds and ends this week. Lashlee used some unbalanced looks and might have found a thumping short yardage back in Thaddius Franklin Jr. 36 rushing yards wasn’t a whole lot but he was the leading rusher on the night. Miami only netted 54 on the ground as a team.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Popcorn and Pencils. Only two more 2021 Hurricanes game reviews left after this one. The Hurricanes secured their sixth win of the season and bowling is in their future. Watching TVD dissect the VT defense is in yours. #justpressplay #BANG!!!