#BeatGT and Other Random Events That Happen this Weekend for Kc

So, first things first, cabin trip was dope, nothing like blasting music while smoking cigars and drinking an assortment of beverages... while also cooking up a storm and hanging with your boys. I'll leave out the details on what was cooked so no one starts to feel FOMO and salivate, but it was perfecto.

Also, as of 7pm on Friday 11/5, the kid is officially married. Tomorrow's event will be more of a re-enactment for the group of 40 we have coming, but hey, the deed is done.

Anyway, outside of what I got going on personally, we do have a game going on tomorrow versus the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at 12:30pm EST. Some people whose names rhyme w/ "A Lean Parrot" and "The Mean Cleanse" (Pronounced The MEEN Cuh-LENSE) will probably think I'm not doing anything food wise. Well, they'd be wrong Alim. Just so happens I have left over steak from the trip that I've had in the fridge since I got back (Already sous vide and seared). So, I'll be making some wraps with that, maybe some manchego cheese, and my homemade chimichurri that always stays on tap)

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