The Positive Gameday Thread - Beat GT Damn It!

This is a game-day thread post for those who’s preference is to focus more on the positive than the negative. Are Canes killer beasts? Of course not. Has it been a rough 17 years? Absolutely. But some of us enjoy the game thread posting more by focusing on the positive. If that is you then this is the place for you.

The rules here are simple:

1. Try to see the positive and post on it.

2. If you post something negative, balance it with two positive comments.

Violators are banished to Tallahassee for a week.

Canes are 10.5 point favorites. I personally am nervous about this game as statistically Canes and GT are about the same. But the Youth Movement! This could be the statement game where Canes open up that can of whoopass! John and Edster are picking big wins for The U. I think the spread is spot on with Canes winning 45 - 34. Let’s get this done today!!!

Congratulations to KC and his bride!

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