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Student of the Game Video Review Series: Miami vs Georgia Tech

The Miami Hurricanes won their third straight conference game after defeating the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 33-30 at the Rock.

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricane’s offense rolled over the rambling wreck. Despite catching a highly contagious case of fumble-itus on Saturday, the Hurricanes amassed 563 total yards of offense. Starting quarterback Tyler Van Dyke is starting to make brilliance a habit.

Van Dyke was 22/34 for 389 passing yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. The game has definitely slowed down for the freshman quarterback and the offensive line deserves a ton of credit for speeding up his progression.

The Hurricanes on this third and long conversion had the perfect line call. A field side defensive back came from distance but Zion Nelson and the offensive line were ambush predators in waiting. Van Dyke is getting the deserved praise but the hog mollies are improving from week to week. This is a tandem matrimony.

Rhett Lashlee deserves credit as well for some subtle ingenuity that led to big plays. You will see in this example how orbit motion and a pulling lineman entice the Georgia Tech free safety to take the bait.

Charleston Rambo took it from there on a post route and devoured the Van Dyke pass for a big gain. Now if only the short yardage calls can mirror the creativity and ingenuity of this particular pass, then the Hurricanes would be even harder to stop.

Defensively some issues remain. Subpar linebacker play has become front and center and bad run fits were the catalyst in the Yellow Jacket running attack. If there was a big play for the wreck, chances were a linebacker emerged in the nefarious spotlight.

The Hurricanes can also improve in their situational awareness especially when quarterbacks aren’t manipulating them with subtle warfare. On this 3rd and 7, Jeff Sims opens his shoulders to the field side and the Hurricanes allow an easy pitch and catch on a stop route.

The Hurricanes didn’t need to necessarily change the coverage. But having the awareness to drive on the number two wide receiver’s outside shoulder and play a more aggressive curl/flat responsibility, could have forced Georgia Tech’s quarterback into a more disadvantageous spot.

Pencil and popcorn time. The full length version of Student of the Game is below. So much to unpack this week and the Hurricanes are in a prime position to finish the season on a high note. #gocanes #bang