Hall and Jennings

Just heard that both have left the team and going into the portal.

During FSU week.

And they might have diminished roles as both have been passed up by some of the younger players but they are still out there for snaps on defense and our not so special teams. Its not like they are some 8th string nobody

Man up and finish out the year. Support your team mates. Both of them are one injury away from starting again.

I understand the portal and going to pursue an opportunity and all, but this is weak bitch ass stuff. Finish out the year and work to support your team mates. Such a bad look for both of you.

I have no problem with Kosi, or Cager or anyone else that leaves for greener pastures or to pursue their dream. I look at them as Hurricanes who moved on to better their opportunities. That what the off season is for. Whats the point of quitting the team now ... you gonna join some other program for their bowl game? This was just cowardly, taking my toys and going home stuff.

Nothing worse than quitters and thats all you are. Front running I'm part of a team as long as I'm getting something out of it cancers we obviously don't need and frankly now don't want.

Don't let the door hit your asses on the way out .... and don't call yourself Hurricanes. You gave up that right when you gave up on the team in the middle of the season.

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