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Miami vs. FSU. The Case for TVD.

When the Miami Hurricanes face off vs. its rival Florida State, it will do so with an obvious advantage at the quarterback position.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 30 Virginia at Miami Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The University of Miami has opened up as road favorites when they face off against the three and six Florida State Seminoles. One of the biggest reasons for that is the emergence of Hurricane’s freshman quarterback Tyler Van Dyke.

Van Dyke’s last three games have been stellar. It has shook hands with the stratosphere and shared company with the atmosphere. TVD is 79 for 109 (72.4%) 1140 yards with 10 touchdowns and only one interception.

Roman Marciante Esq. will now be presenting the case. We list seven attributes you might have missed over the last three games that have led to Van Dyke’s success.

  1. Deep Ball Touch and Accuracy TVD’s big arm is apparent but his deep ball over the last three weeks has had a surgically dialed in GPS attachment. Rhett Lashlee knows it. When the Miami offensive coordinator is calling for gun five drops that means his QB1 can blow the top off a defense.
  2. Sneaky Athleticism At 6’4” 225 the big boy has the ability to elongate the mesh point and pick up first downs with his feet when the opportunity presents itself. There have been some timely first down scampers that have kept the offense humming and the defense bumming.
  3. Subtle Shoulder Warfare That is the term that relates to the manipulation of defenders with the usage of your shoulders. Van Dyke has shown a repeated propensity to keep safeties locked into the middle of the field by opening square up or by simply moving them by opening up. In either direction, it is slick sorcery that would even make a brood witch blush.
  4. Pre-Snap Processor With a heavy contingency of RPO elements that require pre-snap reads in this offense, Van Dyke has shown repeated processing prowess. His ability to find the right read quickly and efficiently has led to little plays becoming big plays.

5. Smart with the Football Only one interception these last three weeks. The freshman gunslinger has shown zero hesitation with throwing the ball away. Opposing teams have thrown multiple coverages at Van Dyke and his ability to live to fight another day when their coverage was better than the play call has been refreshing.

6. Scans the Whole Field There is nothing more blatantly false than the notion Van Dyke was a one read guy. We have shown example after example in the Student of the Game film reviews how TVD routinely surveys the whole field with often times varying degrees of success.

7. Arm Confidence If you have a big arm but you don’t have the confidence to use it, it’s a pointless endeavor. TVD has zero qualms throwing the ball when a defender’s back is turned. His definition of open and what you traditionally think is open are not the same. This confidence is obviously rooted in his core and it has now permeated his game and elevated the team around him.

It is a special rivalry edition of Student of the Game the Case for TVD. I didn’t forget to make a case for the FSU quarterbacks at the end of this one. So popcorn and pencils and I don’t mind if you throw such pencils at the FSU fan in your office. #gocanes #bang