It's Officially F*** FSU Week, with a capital F

Couple days into married life and so far it suits me. Dryer's broken, gotta get that fixed not long after we got the washer fixed, but in the grand scheme, nbd. Onto to more important matters, such as the hatred I have for Florida State Pooniveristy.

Like many of the games we've played this season, we've been given a gift. FSU is supposed to be one of the worst programs in the ACC, and not only that, but if we can manage to beat them in Doak, they're bowl ineligible and we become bowl eligible.

Why do I say "supposed to"? Well, look not further than this season. Everyone on the schedule except Alabama was supposed to be a W (even MSU, idc what anyone says about their RB or the way they played, we had opportunities to beat them and didn't capitalize).

There is absolutely NO reason we can't beat the dog shit out of FSU this Saturday. Not no DL, not no Doak and certainly not no lame as Mike Norvell. Let's cheer on our young men so they put the fear of God into these wannabe Canes and show them what 5 in a row feels like. LET'S GO CANES!!!

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