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The Hate Has Returned

The national media showed their true colors once again.

Miami Introduces Mario Cristobal as Head Football Coach Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

What started out as complaining and questioning from media and fans alike has turned into the best week the school has had in many years.

What a week at the University of Miami!

Miami in the span of 4 days hired Mario Cristobal from Oregon to be the new Head Football Coach, and then plucked Dan Radakovich from Clemson to be the new Athletic Director. In the span of less than 120 hours Miami effectively got back in the football business and eliminated a lot of false narratives about the school.

Hate Us Cuz They Ain’t Us

Two weeks ago Miami wrapped up the regular season with an emphatic win over the Duke Blue Devils and was left with more questions than answers surrounding the football program.

Should Manny Diaz stay?

Would they really invest money that is needed to compete at the highest level?

Where was Miami in the pecking order of premier jobs in the country? USC, LSU and Florida were all open jobs, and all had their eyes on big fish.

Miami had their eyes on one coach and one coach only and that was Mario Cristobal. Miami had a vision even though many in the “National Media” painted their own vision of the Canes which was less than flattering. “Cheap, dysfunctional, a mess” , all blurted by hot take artists who were looking to out hot take each other. Brett McMurphy, Ross Dellinger, Josh Pate, Colin Cowherd and many others who will scream of Miami's irrelevance couldn’t wait to have The U in their mouths. To me, it’s harkened back to having a 7th grade crush with no game. You remember the time you would talk bad about a young lady who you really had a crush on. That’s what sports journalists seemed like all week long. Talk trash about a Miami team who probably beat the hell out of their teams back in the days, yet they secretly wished was their own. Media members ran the same tired narratives day after day.

Miami doesn’t have the money to chase after someone like Mario Cristobal.

Miami is not a better job than Oregon.

This isn’t the 80s and you haven’t won the ACC even once.

Poor Manny

Media then decided to defend Manny Diaz and how poorly he was treated. Manny Diaz is getting millions of dollars to leave the program, and Miami did exactly what businesses are doing every single day in everyday life. Manny Diaz did not get the job done, and the Canes looked for his replacement. The same thing any company in the world would do if that employee wasn't getting the job done. The only difference is head coaching jobs play out in front of the world. What was Miami supposed to do? Fire Manny and hope Mario didn't have a change of heart? The answer is no, and the Canes did exactly what they had to do. Media members need to cry less and realize this is a business and this is how business works.

That narrative was emphatically changed once the Canes hired Cristobal. Media members were left scrambling to try and pat Miami on the back. They were backpedaling faster than Ed Reed covering a deep ball. My advice to these guys is to come up with new material, and find better sources inside the Canes inner circle, because you were schooled by many lesser known commodities who obviously have better insight to the program.

The lesson in all of this is they don’t like us, and don’t want us to succeed, so we might as well embrace the hate and enjoy being Canes once again. Wear your orange and green proudly. Buy up season tickets, and get ready for an offseason where it won’t just be empty hype.

It’s A Canes Thing