You other in state schools are fucked!

In the words of SOTU’s very own and Orange Bowl Boys O.G Roman Marciante you’re fucked! You are soooooooooo FUUUUUCKED!!! Your worst nightmare has finally arrived! Miami with money! Miami with unlimited resources is now real and it’s here! Hey Backpack U! Enjoy your current 11th ranked recruiting class which by the way, is top heavy with non blue chip recruits. Currently your class has 16 commits, 6 of which are blue chip and 10 aren’t. That’s an Al Golden special!!! Quantity over quality! How many years have you shitted on us Cane fans for the very same thing? Please give Mike an extension.

Mario is about to put a huge wall around South Florida unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Y’all barley have South Florida recruits now! Wait until next year when you sign ZERO! Same goes for UF. Apparently Napier isn’t a believer in blue chip recruits. That’s fine! Napier can turn UF into the Ragin Cajuns 2.0, it’s fine with me. By the way we’ll take Bogle and Marshal back thank you very much. As I am writing this Mario just finished his day recruiting at Miami Central, visiting Earl Little Jr and Nyjalik Kelly, both of which he was recruiting while at Oregon. Literally right after his press conference he hit the ground running and went in the recruiting trail. You guys are so fucked! One of the best recruiters in the country is now home where he belongs and he is back in the richest most fertile recruiting ground in the nation where he absolutely thrives in!


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