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The Miami Hurricanes need an Offensive Coordinator like Rhett Lashlee.

What made Rhett Lashlee successful? Lashlee is now the head coach at SMU and for good reason.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 23 NC State at Miami Photo by Samuel Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Was Rhett Lashlee a perfect Miami Hurricanes offensive coordinator week to week, play after play? Of course not. No offensive coordinator is. Lashlee however is now the head coach for the SMU Mustangs and did so by being extremely efficient in certain areas as OC.

Lashlee was top five in ACC scoring consecutively and we take a look at some avenues that the former offensive coordinator lived on that often turned into easy street. Here is just one of the examples known as “key busters.”

“Where the guard goes the play goes.” If you want to sell a play-action pass even harder pull a linemen across the formation. The eye candy often gets defenders to freeze for a split second. A spilt second is all that it takes.

Tyler Van Dyke is ruthlessly surgical down field and this seam route for six is stealing. Xavier Restrepo, Van Dyke’s roommate, is the recipient of the pass and we can expect more of this in the future.

Ignoring how efficient Van Dyke was in the RPO game would be catastrophic. Here you will see multiple examples of how “pre snap” and “post snap” varieties are carried forth effortlessly.

RPO’s are the staple of essentially every offense in the country these days, hard to imagine them without it. Lashlee had some creative run pass options that also employed tertiary options other than simplistic run and pass ones.

The set up. When you show a defense a look earlier in the game that is simply getting them to use prime pattern recognition later, the after result can be deadly. Here you will see an example of how a simple toss was the set up.

The end result was a fake toss TE play-action pass that went for big yards. It has always been a personal joy of mine to watch offensive coordinators achieve those “gotcha” moments on game film.

Popcorn and pencil time. For the last time in the Miami Hurricane era we get to enjoy Lashlee clips. Yes. The short yardage run plays would have me want to run and bang my head against a nearby wall but we are beyond that now. #BANG #GOCANES