Possible stadium locations in Miami/Dade proper

So, I'm the first to admit, I know nothing about this other than what I've read on fan site etc.

I know the whole Ruiz thing was/is being shot down due to a myriad of dissenting voice, most of , who IMHO, did more to harm Canes Athletics during their tenures then help.. Most opening salvos in a negation are meant to present an impossible/improbable outcome. I don't know if moving Coral Gables High is an option or not . The Ruiz brothers present themselves as serious players to bring the turnabout at The U we have all wanted for a long time.

Is Tropical Park an option? It's a bout 15 minutes from campus. I've read Jonny Yonko's idea at Miami Seaquarium and its an intriguing presentation. I have no idea if a Virginia Key location would be even possible but it would be a pretty spectacular venue. Any other options out there?

I know people will say that having a stadium closer to campus is impossible due to politics, residents concerns and zoning issues etc, etc. My question is meant to bring about locations.

Based upon the Mario and Raokovich hires, along with newer blood on the BoT that have said all out money wont be a deciding factor in bringing the U back into national significance .I think all these guys are serious and will leave no stones unturned to find a location for a stadium closer to campus.

What say you?

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