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Next Level High School QB Film Breakdown: Braedyn Locke ‘22

Rockwall, TX product Braedyn Locke takes surgical aim at the next level. What does this 2022 Rhett Lashlee offered quarterback have to offer.

Miami v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Braedyn Locke has an insane accurate GPS system on the football field. No. Not the kind that constantly says “recalculating” and leaves you two side streets off from your final destination but rather a touch money dime kind.

Locke is remarkably accurate with the football and his definition of “open” is not like most high school quarterbacks. When you compile 40 touchdowns vs 6 interceptions and have a .677 completion % your junior year, it is safe to say accuracy is a prerequisite.

It doesn’t matter whether a defender’s back is turned, flat footed or insanely close to Locke’s target, this signal caller will lock on and dial in. Time after time just the confidence to stay in system and deliver a strike was impressive.

The Texas high school product is very poised and capable in the pocket and has really good vision. Typically a trait coveted in point guards in basketball, Locke is routinely finding the open (even though many times not by much) guy.

Mechanically I consider Locke rather refined and he plays with good balance and fundamental grasp. While not possessing the strongest of arms 6.5/10, with proper strength and conditioning he could elevate that number higher. (There was a 50 yard in the air strike on film)

Locke is extremely efficient when you put him on the move and roll him out of the pocket. This was something his OC did routinely and his QB1 rewarded him time after time with positive results.

Time for the Roman Rank. The initial knock might be his size (listed as 6’) and you don’t see that wow play with his feet but the fundamental trait a quarterback MUST have is accuracy. In this arena alone Locke has 5 star accuracy.

In the right system Locke will translate insanely well at the next level and he is a 4.0 product for me. The accuracy alone is enough to jettison him into that stratosphere and I thouroughly enjoyed the throws he put on film. Enough of me talking about it, lets watch the film.