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Next Level High School Film Breakdown: Jacurri Brown ‘22

The Miami Hurricanes need to stack chips at the quarterback position year after year. Class of 2022 Jacurri Brown is someone you can go all in on.

Miami Hurricanes football practice Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

2022 Valdosta product (you seemingly cannot go wrong with Georgia quarterbacks these days) Jacurri Brown is the quintessential dual threat. A strong armed gunslinger who has the ability to plant his foot in the dirt and score from anywhere on the field. Your safety may have the angle, he still doesn’t have the advantage.

He is a playmaker. It is simple as that. When the play breaks down, can you bail your offensive coordinator out? The answer from the 6’4” 205 pound Brown is a resounding yes! Time after time you just see the ability to extend the pocket and make a play. Brown will keep his eyes down the field in a throw first capacity when outside the pocket.

What impresses me most about Brown is his ability to really generate a ton of pop on the ball with little to no front foot stride. The ability to do this isn’t out of a bad mechanical grasp, rather it is from a necessity in the quarterback’s mind to be on time.

There are some footwork things to iron out which is typically always the case with young quarterbacks. The throws to his right seem to have a little more taper off which seemed to be a reflection of not getting completely square with his target. But when he is in time and in line? He can sling it.

This is a quarterback you absolutely would love to add to the quarterback room. The Miami Hurricanes need to continue to stack chips at that position year after year because you simply cannot win without a stud at QB.

The Next Level video series has one simple question in mind. Are you ready for the next level? This one is an easy answer. Let the video do the talking. Roman Rank 4.45 Stars.