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Student of the Game Roman Reacts: D’Eriq King’s Rehab (Video)

What a powerful message of perseverance as D’Eriq King’s rehab goes on full display. The Miami Hurricane’s QB1 should not be in question. Ever.

NCAA Football: Cheez-It Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Miami Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Recently the Miami Hurricane’s media department posted a behind the scenes video of D’Eriq King’s rehab. Powerful. Moving. Uplifting. King’s testimony is a beacon of steadfast hope and a pillar of power that accentuates his leadership capability and style.

“I gave myself a day to be mad.” That impactful message was echoed by King who instead of compounding the defeat of his injury, simply snapped his fingers and realized the sunset of setback was to be met with an optimistic sunrise.

King was able to go back to the locker room after the injury and ride the stationary bike and even jog a little bit. A fleeting hope that would ultimately be dashed when the medical reports confirmed the worst. An ACL tear left King with an uphill mountain to climb.

A questionable holding call prior to the injury forced the Hurricane gunslinger back onto the field after a touchdown was wiped out. I cannot stop thinking how a little event such as that would result in such a seemingly cataclysmic injury plagued circumstance after.

The Hurricanes have several quarterbacks who will vie for the title of QB1 this spring. Tyler Van Dyke, Jake Garcia and Peyton Matocha will have an abundance of reps to share with the absence of King.

The King’s shadow will remain. Despite the injury, King has maintained a positive and helpful attitude and assimilated into a mentorship role for the younger quarterbacks on the roster. There is no doubt that King’s rehab will be conquered and his seat on the QB1 throne will be regained.

The Hurricanes have been a program plagued and decimated by setback after setback. Often times Miami has seen to have taken the approach of woe is me and wallowed in its own ineffective mediocrity.

King’s perseverance and attitude is exactly what this university needs. No matter what the circumstance or setback is, you have someone willing to press forward and not let the failure remain permanent. The best thing for the Miami Hurricane’s program here is, King happens to be playing the most important position on the field.