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Next Level High School QB Film Breakdown: Zion Turner ‘22

The St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida have a very capable dual threat on its hands. Will this quarterback secure his place on the next level? You help decide.

Russell Athletic Bowl - Miami v West Virginia Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

St Thomas Aquinas is led by their QB1 Zion Turner. Turner is a 6’ 1 12 185 pound dual threat who has the capability to keep teams very honest with his legs. Turner has led the Raiders to a 23-1 overall record and two state championships the past two seasons.

Turner has amassed 34 touchdowns via the air and 19 on the ground. His ability to get his playmakers the ball is quite evident as you see a speed discrepancy on this clip. The signal caller properly identifies the mismatch and throws and easy pitch and catch for the #BANG six.

A reoccurring premium in today’s game is when a quarterback can make something happen when the defense forces you to. There is the primary play and then the secondary aspect of an athlete who can just materialize something from nothing.

Here you will see Turner have good pocket awareness, pocket escape-ability, and just an almost freak torque prerogative as he delivers a 60 yard bomb from an unbalanced base. The left tackle being beat on this play was the catalyst that led to the quarterback’s improv skills to take center stage.

There are some things to shore up with footwork, front arm slotting and anticipating the wide receiver’s break but Turner definitely has the skill set to translate on the next level. Turner recently picked up an offer from coastal division foe Pitt and is sure to find a home on the P5 level.

This will still be a Roman Rank 3.4 stars from me. This is easily a kid with 4 star skill set and the talent around him is immense. However conducting various film reviews across the country, the simple fact remains. South Florida quarterback coaching needs to up their ball game. Period. End of story.

A Quincy Avery type quarterback guru down here would go a long way. I wish Zion all the best of luck this season and continued success. From one former Raider quarterback to another, we aren’t afraid of the pressure, we feed on it. #goraiders #gocanes #BANG