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SOTG: Roman Reacts to the First Scrimmage

Some big movers after scrimmage one for the Miami Hurricanes. Easter egg season is upon us.

NCAA Football: Cheez-It Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Miami Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Manny Diaz had a lot to say after the first scrimmage. The quarterbacks were obviously front and center (or in the shotgun you pick) as Tyler Van Dyke was 10-15, 114 with one TD. Jake Garcia was 15-19, 188 with one TD as well.

“We want to keep things simple in scrimmage one. There wasn’t a lot of scheme [and] going against each other. It was about blocking, getting off blocks, tackling, breaking tackles, catching, disrupting,” Diaz said. “So we’ll advance now into some more situational stuff as we get into the second part of spring practice.

“TVD threw a wobbly ball I am concerned.” The reality is on those quick bubble screens you don’t always have the opportunity to grab the laces clean or if at all. What is more important is the accuracy and leading your receivers up field in those instances.

If Xavier Restrepo does not play meaningful snaps this season there is a problem. Period. Restrepo had nine catches for 144 yards and two scores. When we watch the video he is either elusive after the catch or bringing down contested balls in traffic.

Miami’s biggest problem on offense last year was not being able to win the one on one matchups from the receiver position. The staff knows this. So fix this. No more games. No more favoritism. Meritocracy over seniority. Don’t wait for this edition of “Gregtober” to figure out you have better, younger options on the bench.

Seeing that his is Easter egg season we go all in Eater egg mode in the latest scrimmage video. Candid reaction video that focuses on the smallest details to the obvious. I would like to report a murder on the Greentree field. Someone killed Mark Pope. Just press play people.