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Mock Draft 2.0: Miami Hurricanes

With All Of The Pro Day Fallout Ingrained In Recent Mock Drafts We Update Our Mock For The Canes Top Four

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Welcome the State of the U’s Second Installment in our Mock Draft series for the 2021 NFL Draft.

If you missed the first, feel free to see First In the Series, check it out HERE.

With the pro days more than two weeks past, the dust has settled on post performance reactions. Since our teams pro day, we have seen the athletic numbers watching dwindle back down to normal while more analysis and rumination of on field performance has reentered conversations.

The 2021 NFL Draft Puts Miami Back On The Clock. That Trend Needs to Continue.

While the order has not changed, the variance in opinions for our Hurricanes has seen extreme volatility enter into their projections.

As a reminder, below we will provide the weeks latest mock draft position averages for each player, the most commonly mentioned team, and a prediction of our own based on our working knowledge surrounding Miami Hurricanes Football.

Jaelan Phillips

Average Draft Position: 19th

(Previous Average Draft Position: 23rd)

TEAM WITH MOST SMOKE: Minnesota Vikings

The tour of love for Jaelan Phillips hasn’t died down much, if at all, since the Pro Day explosion. Throughout many big boards, Phillips has cemented himself as the consensus number one pass rusher in this years draft, and is seeing his name pull up next to the Minnesota Vikings more than any other. Six of the nine mock drafts from major sporting outlets have Phillips going no lower than 18th to the home town Miami Dolphins, while the latest he has gone is 30th to the Buffalo Bills.

With Phillips firmly entrenched in the first, the only hiccup recently has been an over developed fear of his injury history, particularly as it relates to his concussions.


While other pass rushers have seen their stock fluctuate, Phillips has settled nicely into the 14-21 range consistently. With that said this is also a range that has seen trades occur commonly over the past few drafts, and as the top pass rusher, many teams will look to engage opportunities to draft Phillips. While I do think Phillips gets drafted 14th at the moment, I think it’ll be a team trading up to get him rather than the resident Vikings. Look for the Titans, with a bevy of 2021 picks, to package some to move up here.

14th Overall: Tennessee Titans

Greg Rousseau

Average Draft Position: 27th

(Previous Average Draft Position: 24th)


The Pro Day honeymoon has been anything but that for former edge rusher Gregory Rousseau. While the other #15 sees his draft stock mimic that number, the former #15 has seen his nearly double his previous jersey number. At 28th, Rousseau’s fall from grace has been sharp, but very possibly undeserved.

While the demise of Gregory Rousseau may be real, as most Canes fans, (MOST, Hi Haters), there are still plenty of Gregory Rousseau suitors and avid fans that see the defensive ends upside. No set of athletic numbers can overshadow his shear size and length, and for what its worth, at his size, his numbers are still very good. As seen below, his biggest fans understand that the unteachable will always out way things he can gain over time.

Meanwhile, I came across a uniquely appreciative write on the Champagnat product, putting Rousseau at the top (yes the TOP) of the defensive end draft board. Read Brentley Weissman’s Why Has Gregory Rousseau Fallen for a refreshing reminder that pro days in shorts don’t wipe away production in pads.


Rousseau may see more second round calls at this point in the pre-draft process, but that won’t keep him out of the first round. A consensus top ten pick following one season, and yet still a first rounder prospect after sitting out 2020, Rousseau’s value has not been lost on the draft world. His personality and the need for patience in his development fits teams within the 20-32 range, his current projected landing space.

TRADE! —- Rousseau will flirt with the second round, only because his draft team decides to give their space to the tackle seeking Chiefs for their 31st and the 94th.

31st Overall: Pittsburgh Steelers

Quincy Roche

Average Draft Position: 86th

Previous Average Draft Position: 86th

TEAM WITH MOST SMOKE: Baltimore Ravens

The third defensive end expected to be drafted from the Hurricanes is experiencing his own stock growth this offseason. Following a standout senior bowl and unexpectedly solid pro day, the stock of Quincy Roche has become one to watch going forward. There are continued calls for Roche as an underrated prospect in the third. He is becoming a fan favorite nationally as a mock draft darling to help address outside rush needs on the cheap, in the form of a mature and humble blue collar prospect.

As more attention is paid to Quincy Roche, he is slowly getting more attention as a possible late 2nd round pick if things fall right for the solid rusher.


This is where I believe the adage, “Where There is Smoke, There is Fire”, comes into play. So many things are shaping up for Roche’s selection to read like a coming home party. The Maryland native originally played at Temple, recently finished his college career under former Ravens great Ed Reed, and multiple times has been noted as being consistently scouted by the Baltimore squad.

3rd Round (105th-overall) - Baltimore Ravens

Brevin Jordan

Average Draft Position: 87th

Previous Average Draft Position: 59th


Whoever drafts Brevin Jordan, they will get a steal of a player with a MASSIVE chip on his shoulder. Following a pro day that left plenty scratching their heads, coupled with previous size and injury concerns, Jordan has gone from potential first round pick to a possible day 3 selection. Jordan has seen some scathing reviews, attacking his blocking, lack of production for a proposed top tight end, and as always, his less than desirable stature.

Despite continued slides through mock drafts, Jordan still possesses excellent athleticism and route running, with a solid blocking pedigree that will allow him offensive flexibility and easy improvement. The consistent tone from the more optimistic statements about Jordan is that, in the right offense, he can become a great weapon.


The draft winds have not been kind to Jordan, but what he may lose upfront, he should benefit from on the back end. While many teams will just go best player available or reach for talent early in the first two rounds, the 3rd round on is when teams draft for what they do best. This should favor Jordan in his draft selection and ability to succeed at the next level. With that said, the Eagles enjoy having flexibility at the tight end positions, and are looking to move a similarly flexible tight end for 2021 picks in Zach Ertz. This would be a very good fit for Jordan allowing an adjustment period and early playing time spelling incumbent Dallas Goedert.

3rd Round (84th Overall) - Philadelphia Eagles

Jose Borregales

Average Draft Position: 1st Kicker Taken

TEAM WITH MOST SMOKE: Cincinnati Bengals

What is there to not love about Jose? The award winning kicker is inline to be the first kicker taken by the Hurricanes since Matt Bosher. Bosher was taken by the Falcons in 2010 during the 6th round. Borregales should easily outperform Bosher the kicker in the league, considering Matt transitioned to a full time punter.

A short burst of stupidity hit the twitterverse suggesting that Jose was a risk to have multiple kicks blocked due to low trajectory. The rebuttal? Yeah no.


The Cincinnati Bengals don’t have a kicker after cutting Randy Bullock and his big, but wildly inaccurate leg. With a massive hole at specialist, I fully expect the Bengals to use a 5th round pick on the kicker. A FIFTH? Yes. While Borregales deserves to be drafted, only the Bungals (yes Bungals) would do so at such an early stage. But hey, PAY THE MAN!!

5th Round (149th Overall) - Cincinnati Bengals

Check back on Draft Day for our final Mock Draft ahead of the NFL Draft on April 29th, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Go Canes