In Response To Ibis Green's Idea

So, you thought of an idea to save College sports...

Me too.

1. I too suggest we pay for college athletes, then let them pay for their own transportation to games and matches. All sports, not just football. Hotel accommodations, too, as well as food.

2. Then, outlaw all school coaches and school paid training facilities - too expensive.

3. Let the kids buy videos and train with teammates (or personal trainers), whenever they want.

4. Then let the student athletes join acting guilds and federations and negotiate TV rights, including replay residuals. (Captain Kirk and the entire Enterprise crew never received a penny for rerun residuals - nobody thought of it.) Of course, schools could lease naming rights to the kids, just like Donald Trump does with his valuable name.

5. With the great savings and naming rights, schools could make direct loans to students for tuition to all students, not just athletes, which is a biased and prejudicial practice.

6. Allow alumni to pay for busing and airline tickets - with payments going to the bus and airline companies, not the students. No bagmen, please.

7. All students, not just athletes, could form associations or unions forcing schools to charge a market value for their degrees - that might further help lower the costs of all college education for all students.

8. Allow students to enroll in summer, evening and online courses at any college and university, earning credits freely transferable to the college or university for which the student athletes are under contract to play (within a few reasonable limitations).

Schools, of course, would earn income from leasing their stadiums to the students - or their unions, as well as sharing in TV income rights (including rerun residuals).

Last, but not least by any means, the NCAA would be restructured to include equal representation of students, student athletes, student athletic unions and associations, conferences, leagues, and colleges and universities.

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