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Student of the Game (Video Series) Miami Hurricane 2021 Spring Football Game

The Miami Hurricanes had their final spring outing at Hard Rock Stadium for the whole nation to see. So what did we see?

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Hurricanes faced off in the “Thrilla in Manila.” Ok. Maybe it wasn’t the classic fight between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali in 1975 but watching TVD vs. Garcia was a nice snap shot of a QB battle in the future.

As vanilla as spring games can be (which habitually favors the defense) both respective freshmen quarterbacks found success. Tyler Van Duke was 12 of 17 (70.5) for 102 and one touchdown. He avoided the sack and kept his offense remarkably on schedule.

Here you will see TVD have the arm confidence and anticipation to throw this wide side out to Mike Harley. What makes this throw impressive is the fact that TVD is able to throw the ball with essential straight line trajectory from a flat footed base.

Jake Garcia was 19 of 25 passes (76 percent) for 255 yards and two touchdowns. The true freshman has attributed his success assimilating the playbook based on the fact he has played for four high schools in four years.

When you have two young quarterbacks who can throw at such a very high completion rate you have to credit the OC. In this case you will see Garcia benefit from having a curl/flat defender in conflict when both a curl and flat get thrown at him simultaneously.

Miami defensively needs to get smarter. There I said it. Just too many times the situational awareness and the fundamental understanding of how offenses attack you is just painfully absent.

There was multiple blown coverages on simple smash concepts and it was really easy to isolate on linebackers. A tight end left your field side yet a simple vertical caught a safety flat footed for a touchdown.

Then there was #2. Tyrique Stevenson almost came down with an interception in the end zone off of Garcia. Stevenson showed the ability to come off his receiver and undercut a quick smash concept to Charleston Rambo.

Popcorn and pencil time. Student of the Game is the series that puts pen to paper (not really) and looks at film from a unique perspective. If you can’t say it simple enough, you don’t understand it well enough. (I think) #BANG #GOCANES #2021SPRINGGAME