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State Of The Mock Draft 3.0: Final Predictions!

Where Will Your Favorite Cane Get Drafted? Take A Look Inside To Find Out

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2021 NFL Draft Day Baby!

If you missed the first, feel free to see First In the Series, check it out HERE.

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Over the last month there has been plenty of varying opinions, rumors and fan input into the draft values of each and every prospective draftee. Now with the Draft less than 8 hours away, the large majority of opinions are set, and the final mock drafts have been published.

The 2021 NFL Draft Puts Miami Back On The Clock. That Trend Needs to Continue.

So, what is the final consensus on the players expected to be drafted out of Miami? Whose value has peaked? Whose value has plummeted? Who do we think ultimately takes each player? Scroll down to find out.

As a reminder, below we will provide the latest mock draft position averages for each player, the most commonly mentioned team, and a prediction of our own based on our working knowledge surrounding Miami Hurricanes Football.

While the order has not changed, the variance in opinions for our Hurricanes has seen extreme volatility enter into their projections.

NOTE: Please click the name of each participant to view our own Jake Marcus’ Draft Profile for each draftee.

Jaelan Phillips

Average Draft Position: 21st

(Previous Average Draft Position: 19th)

TEAM WITH MOST SMOKE: Minnesota Vikings

The record for most consecutive drafts providing a first-round selection of 14 is held by your Miami Hurricanes, running from 1995 through 2008.

Currently the Canes are in a 3 year drought.

That ends tonight.

Unforeseen circumstances aside, every indication is that Jaelan Phillips will go in the top round of this year’s NFL Draft. Phillips will be the first Cane drafted in the round since tight end David Njoku was taken by the Cleveland Browns in 2017.

Phillips has done a great job answering questions around durability, reminding everyone he played every eligible snap this season outside of ejections. He completely owned the Miami Pro Day, and combined with his production and interviews has cemented top defensive end status in this draft.


The consistent team mentioned with Phillips has been the Minnesota Vikings with the Miami Dolphins the second most mentioned team. However, Phillips’ skill set translates VERY well to the NFL. In the golden age of quarterbacks, as will be reenergized in the first 10 picks, the best weapon is an elite pass rusher. Because of that I envision a team trading up to make sure they don’t miss on this year’s BEST pass rusher. The team that can afford to move back is the Philadelphia Eagles. They also have the ability to move back into the first if necessary, with 11 picks. I think the Indianapolis Colts will be the team to do it.

12th Overall: Indianapolis Colts

Greg Rousseau

Average Draft Position: 27th

(Previous Average Draft Position: 27th)

TEAM WITH MOST SMOKE: Baltimore Ravens

The enigma of the Miami Hurricanes draft class, foolishly in my opinion, is Greg Rousseau. The only thing larger than Rousseau are the overreactions to the 20 year old’s resume. Recently, a scout questioned it ALL. He referenced the opt-out, likely a hit against his team mentality, his athleticism, despite great times for a 6’7 270 pound frame, and even his projected size was an issue.

Yeah, plenty of cap.

Needless to say, it was NOT received well by former Cane and Greg’s mentor, Calais Campbell (Click Here for Rousseau’s Comments on his relationship with Campbell). The similarly sized and gregarious defensive tackle responded quickly to the report.

Don’t mess with giants, because there is probably another giant standing behind him.

The NFL is flirting with a first round strike out on the biggest edge rusher in the draft. I for one, think that will end up biggest a Rousseau sized mistake.


Similar to the movement above for Phillips, I expect someone to trade into a position to take Rousseau. there are too many teams smart enough to see Rousseau’s value, and too much value for teams to miss the opportunity to draft him. After reading an excerpt on how the Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft and create their big board I fully expect them to be the team. With the Steelers needs being addressable later in the 2nd round, look for them to trade down and take Rousseau later in the first or early in the first. My first second guess is they move with the tackle hungry Kansas City Chiefs to move back to the 31st spot and take Rousseau there. the Green Packers at 29, who have an affinity for receiver Rashod Bateman. This would also position Pittsburgh in front of the Baltimore Ravens, with whom Rousseau has had multiple links to.

29th Overall: Pittsburgh Steelers

Quincy Roche

Average Draft Position: 122nd

Previous Average Draft Position: 86th

TEAM WITH MOST SMOKE: Baltimore Ravens

Every draft has its set of darlings, in this year Quincy Roche is firmly entrenched in that grouping. The undersized defensive end is getting excellent traction as an outside rushing linebacker in a few 4-3 defenses, and plenty of love on the internet from fans that see an intelligent, high motor player with value in the mid rounds. Due to his size and average athleticism, teams are projected to let him slip through the draft. This is shaping up to be a typical situation where a winning team seeking a consistent performer will put a premium on his high floor.


One team consistently tied to Roche has been the Baltimore Ravens. While the love is there for the Baltimore product, I’ll treat this and follow the visits. Bill Belichick’s presence at Miami’s Pro Day peaked everyone’s interest, and I believe he came away impressed.

4th Round (120th-overall) - New England Patriots

Brevin Jordan

Average Draft Position: 77th

Previous Average Draft Position: 87th


Brevin Jordan is a player that, when healthy, is a dynamic and dependable tight end with a great football IQ. The knock on him from the day he stepped on campus was his inability to stay healthy. Jordan is, however, a player that is focused on improving his weaknesses and carrying a chip along the way. With that said, chips won’t get you draft early, and neither will question marks on health. I do think Jordan has a great chance to be a great pro, but his entry into the league will have to wait until at least the second day.


A late prediction I came across today shocked me, as a draft expert on had Jordan going 39th to the Carolina Panthers. THIRTY-NINTH!!! While the early projection was very surprising, the projection to the Panthers was not. With former Cane Greg Olsen the greatest tight end in the Panthers history, they team can try to make lightning strike twice with Jordan. Not to mention that the Panthers don’t currently have a startable tight end on the roster, and their new QB has experience throwing to a Hurricanes tight end with success (Christopher Herndon). Jordan’s personality is as likeable as Olsen and his skill set features a similar ability to catch AND block. Hi Kyle.

3rd Round (73rd Overall) - Carolina Panthers

Jose Borregales

Average Draft Position: 1st Kicker Taken

TEAM WITH MOST SMOKE: Cincinnati Bengals Round 6, 190th Overall

You love him, I love him, and the NFL loves him. Enough to make him a high draft pick. For a kicker of course. The Garza award winning leg of Jose Borregales belongs in the league and there has been zero dispute in NFL circles. It’ll be great to see the kicker with ice in his veins on NFL fields for years to come. And his brother Andy isn’t too far behind.


While it would be cool to see Jose go higher, I don’t envision him cracking the 5th round when it’s all said and done. I do think that he gets drafted in the 6th, which still isn’t bad at all. Look for the Bengals, without a kicker on their roster, to change that early in the 6th round this weekend.

6th Round (190th Overall) - Cincinnati Bengals

That's a wrap! Check back after the draft to see if we were able to hit the picks on the head or missed the mark horribly.

Either way, let’s be proud to send a great et of Canes to the NFL!

How to watch the 2021 NFL Draft

Thursday, April 29

Rounds: 1

Start time: 8 p.m. ET

TV: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network

Stream: fuboTV (try for free), NFL app, ESPN app



Go Canes