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SOTG: “I’d Steal That” Slip Screen for 6

The Kansas City Chiefs had an easy slip screen for six. I think the Miami Hurricane’s Rhett Lashlee and Jaylon Knighton could pull this off.

Syndication: SiouxFalls USA Today

The Miami Hurricanes were in the upper echelon of the land in terms of red zone conversions. With a score percentage of 90.7 the Lashlee led Canes found themselves 17th nationally in 2020.

There was an unfortunate caveat to that however. When you consider Miami’s touchdown percentage was 60.47, it dropped in that metric to 76th nationally. The reality was you were good at getting into the red zone (43 attempts) you just weren’t spectacular at converting that into touchdowns.

So let’s be great. For the Miami Hurricanes to get into rarified air and become a 40 PPG offense they need to capitalize on their red zone opportunities. Stealing a couple easy ones along the goal line can help.

I focused on a “decent” offense in the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs under Pat Mahomes were able to abuse the Baltimore Ravens in rather nonchalant ruthless efficient fashion. A bunch grouping to the field side set the pick. The halfback then took care of the rest out of the backfield.

The steal for me was how they used subtle motion to get a pre snap identifier on a linebacker then subsequently how the running back got particularly open. Having the screen come directionally aggressive between the right guard and right tackle gave the advantage to the offense.

Quickest point between two points is a straight line and when you have two receivers make it virtually impossible for the defender to go in a straight line, you win. I see a speedy running back like Jaylen Knighton being isolated on a linebacker in this same fashion for virtually similar success.

The “Summer of Steal” has continued and we continue to scour the land for unique concepts and plays that increase our knowledge game. I don’t like cats in the slightest but being a copycat in this instance could lead to a ceremonious meow. And by meow I mean “BANG!!!!” #gocanes #SOTG