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Student of the Game: I’d Steal That

The Alabama Crimson Tide ran away with the national championship last year. The Miami Hurricanes could “borrow” this play.

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

I would steal that. Great ideas can come from anywhere so why not look at the top. The Alabama Crimson Tide had an offensive explosion last year enroute to their 18th National Championship. The elephants in the room were 2nd in the land in terms of scoring offense and fourth in terms of total offense.

It is the little things that lead to big plays. Alabama will ultimately use stack wide receivers in a 12 set personnel grouping to create an open wide receiver. Stack sets are popular in today’s game and it is an easy way to create separation for the trailing wide receiver.

Personnel groupings are important. It forces a team to adapt and defend you a certain way. When Alabama uses two tight ends Georgia crowds the line of scrimmage in a run defense heavy format. This allowed freedom for the wide receivers to run their route which was only a two man concept. (one when you watch it unfold) This was also a a max protection scheme.

Miami is tight end U and no stranger to two tight end sets. This type of play can easily be retrofitted with Miami personnel for great success. Here you will see Miami vs. Louisville and how 12 set personnel put an athletic tight end in space for a quick read and nice play.

Now the steal. I loved the way Alabama used its stacked wide receivers to perfection. It is a simple corner route but when you consider how the lead wide receiver is “picking” for his intended target twice, this is perfect for 3rd down and first down play-action usage.

This type of attention to detail and how the wide receivers are playing off one another is money. Even without the play-action element and key buster offensive linemen pull, the concept was a great way for getting separation at the top.

So welcome to the Student of the Game summer school edition. This summer we actively are encouraging you to look at your neighbor’s paper. In this case the neighbor happens to be the athletic equivalent of valedictorian. Popcorn and pencils friends. #gocanes #bang