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Wesley Bissainthe Is The Top 2022 Target For Miami

If Miami wants to get back to having an elite defense, landing Wesley Bissainthe is a big step forward in that direction.

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I’ve talked a lot about recruiting the last few months on this site, breaking each individual 2022 prospects for the Canes, and what not. However I want to make a point today, about who the number one prospect is in this class for Miami, and that is linebacker Wesley Bissainthe.

Yes I know, that is a big claim to make. Especially since the 2022 class is stacked with talent, at positions like defensive line or in the secondary.

However, securing a top talent like Bissainthe, at the linebacker position where Miami has struggled mightily in recent years, whether it be in recruiting as well as production on the field, makes him so crucial.

And this article isn’t to take a shot at Miami’s current linebackers either. I believe Corey Flagg Jr. is going to be a very good player for the Canes over the next few years, and I'm a huge fan of both Sam Brooks and Avery Huff. That being said, Bissainthe is a player who I think could become a force for the Hurricanes in the future, and someone who Miami needs if they want to recreate a top-tier defense.

The 4-star Bissainthe out of Miami Central High High School, is coming off a strong 2020 season, where he was named first-team 2020 High School Football Junior All-American Team by MaxPreps. Bissainthe was also named first-team All-County by the Miami Herald, and helped Central capture a state championship. He ended the season with 45 tackles, 21 TFLs and 7 sacks.

Bissainthe covers all the aspects in a linebacker that you want to build your defense around, and excels in areas where Miami LB’s have struggled. He can rush the quarterback, cover tight ends and move like a defensive back in coverage, and is a sound tackler who can deliver a crushing hit on opposing players.

He’s a player who wants to play right away wherever he goes to college, and at Miami, I don’t see why Bissainthe couldn't do exactly that. Lining up at outside linebacker, Bissainthe would be competition against guys who have struggled to secure a starting spot, or perform up to a starting role. Now, one of the OLB’s for Miami could have a breakout 2021 season, but if Bissainthe were to choose UM, he could definitely see playing time as a freshman.

Miami’s defense has been solid in certain positions since Manny Diaz took over as defensive coordinator in 2016, and then since he’s been head coach over the last two seasons. The Canes have had good pass-rushers at defensive end, consistent production from the strikers, and now starting to see development at safety. The linebackers however, have not been matching that same level of play.

If the Hurricanes want to start winning more, they’’ll need to get back to being an elite defensive team. If that’s going to happen on defense, they need elite linebackers leading the way. 2022 HAS to be the year where Miami ups their game in linebacker recruiting, and Bissainthe is the main guy coach Diaz and his staff must secure.

If they keep Bissainthe home, they will have found their future captain on defense.