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Random thoughts on Mother’s Day weekend

It’s a slow week around The U.

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It’s a slow news week for The U so let’s take a look at some random things going on around Coral Gables and beyond. The post spring football doldrums are here and with the baseball team playing just okay we need some excitement around SOTU.

If you have any post ideas for me, leave them in the comments.

Madden Football

EA Sports Madden football added the Hurricanes rookies to their game for promotional work and man do they look like some meh graphics. Greg Rousseau looks good in Buffalo Bills blue but I’m calling shenanigans on the quality of this game. It looks like it took a step back from two years ago.

However, I only really enjoy playing these games for the Hurricanes that are in them so it’ll be nice if I get this version to play as Jaelan Phillips on the now at least remotely playable Miami Dolphins.

‘Canes Baseball

The Hurricanes baseball team has clinched a spot in the ACC Tournament in 2021. With a good placement in the tournament, Miami may be able to avoid some of the more difficult regional placements but it’s unlikely as Miami has been .500 in the ACC throughout the season.

Caron Palmquist continues to shine for the ‘Canes. The closer is up to 11 saves on the season with a 1.67 ERA and 57 to 5 strikeout to walk ratio. In Palmquist’s 17 appearances, he’s pitched 32.1 innings in a Chris Perez type of role.

Exercise of the day

Yes, I’m joking. This stupid crap isn’t the exercise of the day. However, this is:

A front rack carry is for more advanced athletes. The athlete would also have to be in their off-season as every damn sport I can think of uses their wrists far too much in order to really hold a front rack this long.

I prefer a Zercher walk in-season, when athletes are doing cleans regularly, or too close to the start or from the end of their actual season.

In a sport like football, for instance, the wrists take a pounding all season and Zercher squats and carries are a great way to work the thoracic spine without stressing the wrists like a front squat.

Final Thought/s

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and that’s the chance to say thank you for having someone put up with someone that reads blogs online and posts ridiculous commentary in the comment section. If you have a mother or wife around after all the time spent here, show her some love.

May is also Mental Health Awareness month. Make sure you’re checking up on the people you love. Between everything that’s going on in this world, the young lady involved in the school shooting in Idaho, and the passing of Texas Longhorns linebacker Jake Ehlinger we need to do a better job as a society of taking care of each other.