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I’d Steal That: Kent State Play-action Pass

The Miami Hurricanes need to score more touchdowns in the red zone. This could definitely help.

Syndication: Kent Ravenna Record-Courier Lisa Scalfaro via Imagn Content Services, LLC

The “Summer of Steal” is still upon us friends. We know that the Miami Hurricanes can score some more touchdowns inside the red zone. When you rank 76th nationally in touchdown percentage you simply aren’t monopolizing pay dirt into touchdown townhomes well enough.

So what to do, what to do? Kent State had a wonderfully designed play-action pass inside the red zone that resulted in an easy six points. If they stole something that easy it is worth taking notice. Carmen San Diego has nothing on me. Roman San Diego is about to steal this loot.

I love the way Kent State is motioning early to get the defense to tip their hand. Having a defender come into the formation and then away from it is good indication that this is man coverage. Also, the motioning into the bunch formation is a good way to muddle the middle.

When you have a tight end, running back and wide receiver within holding hands distance prior to the snap, defense has some quick pass off communication that needs to occur. You don’t have to confuse their defensive coordinator, only their players.

What equally is adding to the confusion is the subtle toss play action that freezes the defenders into the boundary. The hesitation on the defense’s part led to the easy score and now you know why they say “slow feet don’t eat.”

This play reminded me so much of the fake toss to Will Mallory and him screaming high school open down the seem for easy street six. Here is last year’s SOTG to remind you of that variety as the Miami Hurricanes beat the Pitt Panthers 31-19.

Now to the Kent State heist. Here is a narrated video of the steal of the week. Kent State I commend you for a job well done. We can take it from here. #SOTG #BANG #SummerofSteal