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Top 5 Tuesday - Miami Hurricanes Playlist

These are the Top 5, must have songs on your Miami Hurricanes playlist.

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

As we move closer to the opener against Alabama it’s time to look at some of the things that make Miami football special and near and dear to our heart.

Top 5 Tuesday will be a countdown of lots of different things related to Miami Hurricanes football. Topics will include everything from best games, to best fans, and to kick things off today is the Top 5 songs you must have on your Miami Hurricanes playlist.

5. Michael Irvin Speech - While technically not a song, at some point before every game this is a must listen. Irvin did the speech in the locker room before the 2005 opener against FSU and it was then dubbed over an instrumental of Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”. If this doesn’t make you want to run through a brick wall, nothing does.

4. Trick Daddy “Take it to the House” - There are so many different T Double D songs to choose from but this hits differently on game day. It has the quintessential Miami beat using the sample from KC and the Sunshine Band Boogie Shoes. This song is blasted in just about every stadium across the country, but none more proudly than Hard Rock Stadium.

3. AC/DC “Hell’s Bells” - The bell at the opening of this song reminds me of 3rd downs at the Orange Bowl when the Hurricanes defense would need a big stop and the crowd would rise to a fever pitch. While this song doesn’t necessarily fit a Miami demographic, the song will forever scream Hurricanes football.

2. The Honorable Solo D “Turnover Chain” - Miami started 10-0 in 2017 and the Turnover Chain became all the rage in college football. So much so that ABC would have graphics commemorating each time a defender would receive the chain. Solo D created a banger that still resonates to this day. “When big homie get the fumble….he get the turnover chain”

1. Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” - Is there anything more Miami than this song? The song used to be played some on the 80s TV show Miami Vice, and has been a staple of Hurricanes games since then. CBS once famously used the instrumental in the pregame hype video for Canes/Oklahoma for a 1vs2 matchup. Who hasn’t done the air drum during the breakdown? This song makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck as soon as you hear it at a Canes game.

These are my top 5, but there are plenty of honorable mentions that also can be included.

Rick Ross - Hustlin

Trick Daddy - Shut Up

Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane

Iconz- Get F’d Up

Luke - Scarred

Trick Daddy - U Already Know

Luke - It’s All About The U

DJ Khaled - Bitch I’m From Dade County

What songs are we missing? What’s on your playlist? What makes the ultimate Hurricanes game day mix?