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Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Miami Hurricanes Fans

There are so many proud Canes fans, but who are the best?

NCAA Football: Miami Spring Game Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

What makes a great Miami Hurricanes fan? There are so many examples of people who travel, are tatted up, watch more than just football and daily they represent The U. This is an impossible list to come up with, but I figured we can throw out the best Miami fans.

Top 5 Tuesday, this week, is the best Miami Hurricanes fans. For the purpose of not just adding people from , Cam, Marsh, Roman and others will not be a part of this even though we know their fandom reaches no boundaries. Also, to anyone that still is a fan 20 years after the last National Title, and numerous years from national relevance, it would be ridiculous to call them or any of the other fans bandwagon. Miami fans are like a gang, albeit a fun, partying, trash talking gang.

Here are the Top 5

5. @MsMiyayo305 - There may not be a bigger fan on the planet. You will see Yayo sitting somewhere usually really close to the field at Hard Rock Stadium(judging by her videos) and at a few road games a year. She is the embodiment of what a Miami fan looks and acts like on game day.

4. @Dolfin55 - Derek’s twitter page is littered with posts about the Canes. He just was in Gainesville a few weeks ago with his son for the Gainesville regional. Anytime a Canes fan supports more than just the football team, and travels he’s good in my book.

3. @WMGarbageman - JD Da Boss is another guy you will see sitting really close to the field rocked out in Orange and Green from head to toe. Part of the #MetroRailBoyz who will tailgate and set up shop no matter what the Canes event is. Literally has a countdown on his Twitter page for the Bama game.

2. @CaneFanCoe - Host of the Cane Gang Show on Sirius XM, Coe is one of those guys that loves the Canes like they are family. Has a great Miami tattoo on his forearm and will always be on the road reppin The U early and often. Had a chance to sit and hang out at Clemson last year, and he is a wealth of Canes knowledge.

1. @CutlerRidgeLaz - Is there any more famous Miami fan than Laz? From appearances on all of the radio stations across south Florida, to epic tailgates, Laz is The U. You can find him sitting at Mark Light on a Friday night soaking in a baseball game, or Saturday tailgating and screaming for his football team too. When you think Miami Hurricanes football Cutler Ridge Laz is one of the 1st people that comes to mind.

There are plenty other unbelievable Canes fans out there, and with the advent of social media we are all able to connect in ways that was never possible before. The best part of this is the ability to talk Canes football on YouTube, Twitter, IG and other platforms and find lifelong friends along the way.

If anyone was missed, shout them out.

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