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Summer Recruiting Dominoes In Miami

Summer Has Seen Most of The Miami Hurricanes Commits Over The Last Two Years. Will 2021 Be More Of The Same?

The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season began Tuesday, June 1 and runs through Nov. 30, 2021. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting an above normal season, with 13-20 named storms, six to 10 hurricanes and three to five major hurricanes.

For those of us more concerned (And WAAAY more excited) about Miami Hurricane RECRUITING, June 1st meant that face to face recruiting was back, kicked off in Miami by a massive two BBQ event hosting top talent from around South Florida and the country. Much like the prediction for storm season, the start of face-to-face recruiting may very well end up with 13-20 players committing to the Hurricanes. Further, if the cards play right, the Hurricanes are in a good position to land six to 10 top 100 players from the 2022 class.

Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Radar: Official Visit Preview June 4th

Previously noted from my article last year, How Have the Miami Hurricanes Done in South Florida?, highlighting Miami’s recruiting of South Florida over the last half decade, these points stand out tremendously this cycle:

  • Miami’s recruiting WAS LARGELY dependent on winning. Following an 8 win or less season, occurring 4 times, Miami has only secured 7 of the top EIGHTY South Florida Recruits, for a paultry .09% commit rate.
  • But when Miami Wins? Following 9 win or more seasons, Miami has cleaned UP, snagging FIFTEEN of 40 possible South Florida recruits, a staggering 38% clip.
  • A consistent Miami team that could stay above 9 wins would quickly eclipse 60%, possible 70% blue chip ratios in 2-3 years and start cracking those Top 3 player lists each year.

More than any other time of year, the Hurricanes get the best momentum in recruiting during the late spring and summer months. During the 2020 recruiting cycle, the Hurricanes saw commitments from 21 players at varying points of the cycle.

However, of those 21 commitments, a whopping 10 occurred between the months of May and August.

2020 Summer: Miami Commitments

Xavier Restrepo WR Deerfield Beach, FL 3 5/22/2019
Jalen Rivers OL Orange Park, FL 4 6/9/2019
Corey Flagg Jr LB Houston, TX 3 6/17/2019
Elijah Roberts DE Miami, FL 4 6/21/2019
Chris Washington OL Nashville, TN 3 6/22/2019
Quentin Williams DE Charlotte, NC 3 6/26/2019
Michael Redding WR Bradenton, FL 4 6/30/2019
Tirek Austin-Cave LB Camden, NJ 3 7/4/2019
Chantz Williams DE Orange Park, FL 4 7/20/2019
Marcus Clarke DB Winter Park, FL 3 7/27/2019

That's ten of twenty-one players, or 47% of the class. Of those 4 are expected to start or be heavily considered for such a role in the 2021 season, consisting of Xavier Restrepo, Elijah Roberts, Jalen Rivers and Chantz Williams.

The 2020 summer, however, was only a warm up,

The summer edition of the 2021 class, essentially said to its predecessor, hold my beer.

The 2020 edition saw four, 4 star players and six , 3 star players. As for the 2021 edition, take a look at the list below:

2021 Summer: Miami Commitments

Elijah Arroyo TE Frisco, TX 4 5/3/2020
Deshawn Troutman LB Orlando, FL 3 5/28/2020
Jacolby George WR Fort Lauderdale, FL 4 6/3/2020
Romello Brinson WR Miami, FL 4 6/13/2020
Kamren Kinchens DB Miami, FL 4 7/11/2020
Jabari Ishmael DE Miami, FL 4 7/17/2020
James Williams DB Plantation, FL 5 7/21/2020
Brashard Smith WR Miami, FL 4 7/26/2020
Thomas Davis LB Valdosta, GA 3 7/27/2020
Leonard Taylor DT Miami, FL 5 8/6/2020
Chase Smith ATH Melbourne, FL 4 8/27/2020

That’s eleven of the classes 22 high school commits. Of the eleven:

Two Five Stars

Eight Four Stars

One Three Star

So, though it was only one more commitment, there were twice as many 4 stars, eight to four, five less 3 stars, one to six, and two additional 5-star cherries to top it off.

That’s good right?

A big reason why we see that variance is belief in the Hurricanes future among recruits. That 2020 summer class carried a memory of a 7-6 Hurricanes team that limped off the field in the Pinstripe Bowl after yet another loss to Wisconsin. While the 2021 class carried the memory of team with a WORSE record of 6-7, the PROMISE of the coming season carried a different weight. Manny Diaz brought in an energetic and exciting offensive staff to replace a rather bland group bereft of personality. More importantly, the star power of D’Eriq King was magnetic, pulling everything towards a Miami team on the rise.

Now the Hurricanes are coming off a tremendously successful opening event to the recruiting calendar, ironically had on the onset date of the National Hurricane storm season. With it comes now a month of official visits by many of the high-profile players that were present at the BBQ even this past Tuesday.

In contrast to the last two off seasons, this group is holding the memory of an 8-3 Hurricanes team coming into its own, with budding offenses and defenses. To double down on what is here now which wasn’t then, THIS staff has a new set of shiny new and energetic coaches on the DEFENSIVE side. Travaris Robinson and DeMarcus Van Dyke have been the most referenced coaches it seems in the offseason, involved in nearly every major recruitment. They have placed Miami squarely in the driver seat with (GASP) MULTIPLE high-level cornerbacks including, Jacolby Spells, Khamauri Rogers and Trequon Fegans. The addition of Ishmael Aristide, a Miami native with a magnetic personality, has been courting, successfully many of the major linebackers that Miami has desperately needed over the last few seasons. Jess Simpson’s return has reinserted the name Miami into the state of Georgia, as Miami’s two recruits hail from the Peach State with more seeking visits to Coral Gables. Off the field Mike Rumph (Stop it), Bob Shoop and Todd Stroud highlight a star-studded coaching group to help encourage official visitors once on campus.


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Bigger yet, are the PLAYERS that are now able to lead the charge from the angel of recruiter for the Hurricanes. It has been mentioned in multiple spaces that Jake Garcia, star of the Miami Hurricanes spring camp, has been heavily involved with players like Shemar Stewart, Khamauri Rogers, Jacurri Brown and Julian Armella. Players like the vocal Khalil Brantley, James Williams and Leonard Taylor are also players only a year removed from this class that are impactful simply in presence alone, seen as major pieces to Miami’s immediate success.

Last but not least, the Hurricanes first true commit of the cycle is also its ambassador, quarterback Jacurri Brown, who, like Garcia, is fantastically charismatic and a magnet to potential commits. The coaches agree, as his official visit weekend has nearly double the number of visitors of any other weekend, undoubtedly a planned move to get his influential personality around as many players possible.

Official Visit Weekends in June:


▪ Anthony Jones ▪ Omar Graham Jr ▪ Chris Graves ▪ Malik Agbo ▪ Jordan Allen ▪ Trequon Fegans ▪ Quentel Jones


▪ Jacurri Brown ▪ Cameron Williams ▪ Isaiah Horton ▪ Justin Medlock ▪ Isaiah Bond ▪ Kaden Helms ▪ Leyton Nelson ▪ Quan Lee ▪ Jayden Gibson ▪ Jacolby Spells ▪ Ja’Cory Thomas ▪ Nyjalik Kelly


▪ Nick Cull ▪ Landon Ibieta ▪ Wesley Bissainthe ▪ Andrew Chamblee ▪ Markeith Williams ▪ DJ Wesolak


▪ Sherrod Covil ▪ DeMario Tolan ▪ Daughtry Richardson ▪ Devon Jackson ▪ Jacob Hood

The Hurricanes are uniquely positioned to see another strong run of commitments in June, acting as a catalyst to the rest of the summer months. Frankly, it should be its strongest yet, coming off a winning campaign, with better recruiters on staff, and better player on the roster. Already with a class ambassador in place, a situation like the commitment of a either a cornerback, or a player like Shemar Stewart, who showed up for both Hurricane events, committing soon would begin the avalanche of commitments.

Get ready for fireworks Canes fans, the star has aligned for the summer of 2021 to be one for recruiting record books.

Go Canes


Who Commits Next?

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  • 42%
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  • 24%
    Khamauri Rogers
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